Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by NastyWO2, Apr 2, 2006.

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  1. Can someone please tell me why the CCF are not allowed to have NCO AI's?. I have worked with the ACF and the CCF and it seems ludicrous not to allow AI's in the CCF. Correct me if I am right but subject to CRB clearance the ACF have the autonomy to decide themselves at County level who they want to take on as AI's or not. So, why cant a Contingent Commander also be allowed to make this same decision?. There are many potential CCF NCO AI's out there who I know for a fact that if given the chance to make the decision for themselves every Contingent Commander would enlist NCO AI's. Do the powers that be not understand that cadets find it easier to speak to NCO's rather than Officers? So why such a stupid rule? If the excuse is 'well thats why we have the CTT'sfor that' well I am sorry because that just dosent wash! As good as the CTT's are they are not actual members of that Contingent. They are liable to postings, transfers, mobilisations etc at any minute and the Contingents need NCO AI's from that are locals from that area. It just seems silly that a school can have it's own armoury with L98's, number 8 rifles and amunition but cannot make that basic decision whether to be able to enlist NCO AI's if they want to.
  2. The CCF were always a weird organisation. Although the cadets I came across were good. Do they still have lance corporals in their RAF sections? In the ATC we had adult warrant officers. The ACF used to have adult sgts if I remember rightly. Which I thought was a bit daft when you got an overlap with cadet ranks. What's a CTT is that what we called a Civillian instructor in the Corps?
  3. CTT = Cadet Training Team
  4. so you saying that the CCF has Cadets and then Adult Instructors of Officer ranks only ?
    no Adult Sergeants at all ? first time i have heard of this
  5. Thats right, no adult NCO's. And, wait for this: from experience I know that if you are a teacher you can become a commissioned officer with absolutely no previous training, niether militiary or civillian whatsoever!! You go to Brigade, 20 mins later you are a 2nd Lt!!!! I have seen it 6 or 7 times to date!!! On the other hand, if you rock the boat like I did you can get sent to Coventry in a very big way. When I was in the ACF I reported a high ranking officer who was getting shall we say very familiar with the 15 and 16 yr old girls. I reported it, it got whitewashed and I was passed over so much as a punishment that I resigned. I was told that 'you will never get a job in cadets in this area ever again'. Just because I exposed a potential paedo. He is noe a half colonel!!!!! As a result the interview for my CCF commission was pre-judged even before I got there. The Brigadier and the ACF County Commandant had already pre-cooked up a feeble excuse not to Commission me. Then when my Contingent Commander tried to get me uniformed my making me a joint school staff instructor then that was blocked for no reasonable excuse too. What do you think of the way I was treated? The situation is that I am now within a CCF, with an 'off the books rank' working within the school system only. Insured under the school, CRB cleared and have had to keep quiited where I am because after 5 years since I exposed the potential paedo they still have it in for me!!!!!
  6. I meant to say I have to keep where I am quiet, not quieted. I got carried away when bashing the keyboard.
  7. Would be tempting to tip the Papers off about said activity - will cause a sh1t storm but at least the "truth will out"

    Question you need to ask is:

    Which is more important?

    Your hobby or the safety of children?

  8. In answer to a previous question, it was explained to me that the ACF used to enlist AI's direct as a WO2, but having 21 year old WO's who were sh!te at drill compared to what a CSM should be like as considered a bit muppet-like.


  9. Unlike the ACF many of the bigger CCF's in schools have an ex-reg WO2 doing almost a full time PSI equivalent role, so there isn't the need to have as many adult NCO instructors as the ACF who (in theory) share the administrative burden at Det level with the OC. Many ACF units only have 1 officer because their numbersare relatively low, some school CCFs number more than a hundred and so have a CO and Coy/Pl Cmdrs drawn from the school's staff. Some CCF CO's are ex mil anyway and are the school Bursar or equivalent and carry accross their rank into the CCF as part of that job.
  10. Is the general consensus among people on this board that most ACF detachments have an Officer running them?

    Its certainly not what i've encountered.
  11. Is that a rhetorical question? :D
  12. Nope. as an SI 15 years ago several dets were run solely by adult NCOs. Usually SSI or SMI, But as an SI of only 9 months standing I was offered a detachment but declined it as I could not spare the 2 nights a week to run it until I got extra staff (which would not have been forthcoming for quite a while)
  13. Im in exactly the same situation, but am an SI of two weeks. Ive accepted it though, its only one night a week and I love the job! It just seemed that reading the other posts that people think that subalterns are running the majority of detachments, when I only know of two or three cases.
  15. That's not quite correct old chap. The system used to have SIs and SMIs but no SSIs (the rank was added sometime in the 1960s). Not sure when RSMI came in (but that's only a local rank anyway).