Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by MUTTSNUTTS, Sep 3, 2008.

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  1. It seems that all TA service medals to date have all been Elliptical from TD's to VRSM why is this the case i havent found and regular medals that way but could be wrong
  2. I have a collection of medals from family medals, some of whom were TA in the war. Only the "volunteer's medal" is eliptical.
  3. seems that majority of TD's TEM and VRSM just thought it strange that other military services seem to stick to the more traditional round shape looks weird having round ones next to oval one
  4. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Not so. The Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Decoration / Royal Naval Reserve Decoration and the Air Efficiency Award (for part time matelots and part time crabs respectively) were elliptical as was the Civil Defence Long Service Medal.

    So too where the Distinguished Flying Medal and the Air Force Medal which were not service medals but full on medals for valour etc.

    Then to buck the trend the Cadet Force Medal is circular.
  5. The RNR LS&GC was also circular.
  6. Sounds rather nice. If they are thinner they might be cheaper to mount?

    What's your point?
  7. I heard that the TA EM was the most expensive medal to make
  8. More likely tha Territorial Decoration (Officers, for the use of) as this had cut outs in it, not sure of the technical term.
  9. Spotter alert:

    The first oval award was the Volunteer Officers Decoration instituted in 1892 awarded to Officers in the Volunteer Force for 20 years service. A ROUND medal was instituted in 1894 for twenty years service in the ranks. Both these medals were superceded in 1908 by the Territorial Decoration and Territorial Force Efficiency Medal. It was decided that the TFEM should have a similar profile to the TD hence the oval shape.

    Reserve forces medals instituted since then have been oval except Naval other ranks medals, the Royal Observer Corps long service medal and the QVRM.

    I am a spotter and claim a volunteer spotter's medal of the appropriate shape