Why are sports such a low priority now?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by northern, Apr 7, 2005.

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  1. Used to be that team sports were massive. I know funding has been slashed everywhere but it IMO has been huge in building team cohesion and building character.

    Admittedly commitments have ripped units away from fielding teams but surely an effort should always be made to show the character of a unit.

    We have the morrison cup for Athletics but even though this involves a large amount of people it isn't team based but more squad based.

    I would follow the lead of the Engineers and RAC and have a "games" where all signals units could enter teams into a variety of sports all based in Blandford over a couple of days. Make for a really cracking social which of course is another form of team building.

    Should those at the very top be putting pressure on those running the Regts and Sqns to bring back an emphasis to a proper Wednesday afternoon instead of shopping time?
  2. I'am at 7 Sigs and we have the Corps Football team, posing in the Army cup semi final atm, and a brilliant, albeit young, team. But what a team!!!

    Plus we have the Tuggers - they have won EVERYTHING, repeat EVERYTHING in the last 2 years, and have not lost an end - 2 Highland games medals from the Queen + Combined Services gongs ain't too bad.
    We are loading units with players of ilk; 21 have always had the athletes-

    Rugby- will be 2,7 and some fractious players from 21.

    I'm too pissed to type more, but you're comments are welcome......

  3. In response to the title, they ain't.

  4. I think the major problem with sports within the corps is the emphasis on the supposed sports regiments (7, 2 and 21). The rest of the corps feels left out. The idea of expanding the morrison cup into a games is a cracking idea and would allow the selsectors to see the potential that is available outside the normal units.

    As for the corps doing well in certain sports this is because all the players are posted together and given regular oppertunities to play together and excel. That in itself is not a bad thing as it means the corps is well represented but a lot of better players are being left behind.
  5. No, it's a good thing, and long may it continue; the REME do it, the RLC do it, so let's get a step up.

    Albeit in 3 yeares the lads will be gone, but with some careful planning they will end up together........it isi possible.....

  6. True CH but the problem with this is there are a lot of players at other regiments not getting a look in where they are just as good and would probably be better given the oppertunity. The idea of a games would allow these players to show what they can offer the corps. Plus it would be a dam good p!ss up.
  7. No reason why these big units can't field a second and third team for certain sports (soccer, rugger, hockey etc). As for the other units, is this not the motivation to get better and attempt a bit of giant slaying? Get out there and join civvy teams, 9 times out of 10 they will be much better than the squaddie equivilant. What needs to happen is that the top brass give a real priority to sport and encourage folk to play on a Wednesday not blocking or hindering as it is so good for unit chohesion and fitness. Those who abuse this opportunity (ie go shopping etc) require to have their arrses kicked. A big competition at Blandford is a superb idea and something for sportsmen and women to aspire to.
  8. The amount of time spent on sport was fine when most of the Corps was sat in West Germany waiting for the 3rd shock army to come rolling over the hill. But, as we are now here, there and everywhere, maybe someone has decided that instead of someone playing semi-pro sport, they can help and do the odd tour (or seven!).
  9. Sports aren't a low priority as such, they're just lower than Ops. Agree with last post, 10 or even 5 years ago, we were just sitting around mainly so sports etc were more abundent.

    Like the idea of the engineers games, ever seen the bridge build? Like the navy with their gun run but far more mad!!! We could have a timed, er, mast put up or Bde HQ tent erection!!! 8O

    A big get together is good though. Some units though will always be on the hind foot with teams, just the way it is.
  10. morris dancing should be recognised as a sport. Summer sundays at the pub, dressing and dancing like a plonker and getting drunk all on army sport funds fantastic
  11. your lucky , our boss thinks a sports afternoon is for cft trg and lonnnnnnggggggg runs
  12. Jesus what does he know everyone knows sports afternoons are for getting your hair cut and getting your fat napper down. :lol:
  13. cant beat some egyptian p.t
  14. Because we spend too much time prepping for LSI's, ECI's, RSIT's, UMI's, MEI's, and numerous other sh*te earning the OC's a good reputation with some chap called Bernard whom they bumped into in the mess, that they've lost touch with reality and then badger me why my lads are fu*ked off and appear dis-interested. When we do manage to enter a sporting event, we normally go in with an under trained team because when we should've been out on the pitch, we were listening to some spotty 2nd Lt hark on about how you can shoot parachutists but don't steal someone's watch. Even if he won't be needing it.
  15. self defence shouldbe introduced, especially against people who are armed with fruit.