Why are some people "Left wing"?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by supermatelot, May 31, 2011.

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  1. Nothing more to add really, Why? I think politics operate on a more circular spectrum but it always boils down to left or right.
    I think there are more definitive stereotypes of 'left wing' proponents than right. I think left wing types are more conspicuous.
    Has it always been this way? Any old farts able to comment on this? Why do left wingers affect other culture's / race's traits?


    <caveat - drunk>
  2. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    for me its stirring the pot, if too many agree or go with the flow then you end with nazis, communists or americans.
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  3. HHH

    HHH LE

    Because they are naturally left footed, if they were right footed, they would play on the right wing.
    Hope this answers your question!

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  4. Because they're childish and refuse to live in the real world, rather than the world as they would like it to be.

    And don't get me going about how they just love to try to force everyone to to agree with them.

    They're the sort who would go up to a Talib in Afghan and say "Can't we just be friends," or worse "Why are you not voting for women members of the local council" thus combining two reasons to be duffed on the spot. Then they try to stop their OWN bodyguards from defending them from the outraged Talib, saying "Stop, let's just TALK about this..."

    And they think taxes are a bottomless pit.

    I think I'd better stop there, my blood pressure tablets won't cope.
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  5. all it boils down to is this:

    leftwingers believe in a regulated community.
    everybody should benefit from a wealthy society. nobody should fall through the net.

    rightwingers believe in a self regulated community.
    if you fall through the net, tough luck. you live in a wealthy society and have to create your own oppertunity.

    neither is right. neither is wrong. a balance between the 2 is best.

    what's interesting is that people lean more to the right with age. (not literally)
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  6. I think a lot of it comes down to people who desperately wish to be generally recognised as 'clever' but who are not capable of thinking for themselves. They look around them for examples of 'clever' people, and if they turn to the BBC, the Universities or their schoolteachers, they will see the expression of formulaic, second-hand-me-down leftish or 'anti-establishment' ideas.

    A great consumer industry, from the Guardian to Waitrose, exists to keep these dolts in a state oscillating between quivering righteous indignation and nauseating self-satisfaction.
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  7. Not true. Some do. Some (especially those who started out as quite right wing) tend to centerist or even left of centre as they grow older.

    I think a lot has to do with which lot have been running the country lately and how well they've done. As the mistakes of the past dim into memory the more recent slights are better remembered. Witness all the people in Russia pining for Joe Stalin.
  8. Cos they are stupid, ignorant or both.
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  9. good point.
    let's agree that teenagers tend to be more extreme with their views (well, the ones who still have political views) which ease with age.

    that's a factor, aswell as social background and environment.
  10. Well what most left or right winged people have in common in this Country is that they are both very authorative. Left wingers think they know better cause they are educated and that everyone SHOULD do what they say. Right wingers believe they are right, and if they got into power, they would force other people to stop doing things they don't like. Both like lots of regulation, lots of laws etc. The only real differences I see are the views on the distribution of wealth, immigration and war.
    Personally I'm not left or right wing, and I'm Libertarian, don't believe they're is a place for anything other than very limited government. And that we should be free to buy or use anything we choose to, without the states permission. Altough I do like the Monarchy...
  11. Was that why Baroness Thingumyjig (She who want's to be obeyed) was made the Grand high Pooh bah of EU-rine Land?

    Was she a good Socialist Apparachik bureaucrat who fits in well with pure Socialist blah within that said organisation. A person who has never had a 'Proper Job' (allegedly of course), like so many in politics. So many of them have never ever dug ditches, cleaned latrines, stacked shelves in supermarkets or stood at the Wall' with rifle in hand to defend the West from the Communistic Hordes... Oh, so sorry, I meant the Komrades from the Workers Paradise.

    And the greatest of all mysteries, was CND infiltrated by the KGB, and were they (CND) all 'willing tools' of said KGB..... But I digress, the Cold War is over.... and I am sitting here in front of my PC placing the best items of my 'wisdom' into the 'blogosphere'.

    Yes... I have taken my Meds, this morning, my Man Size Nappies have been changed, and I will be going out for a nice walk, for coffee, cake and the joys of summer. Oh, I do go on a bit..... Oh look.... 'tis someone waving an ID Card claiming to be the the EU's Thought Police at the door...... yeeehaa!
  12. Not to mention exposure to the real world. As a teen I was quite right wing. Child of Thatcher and all that. Trade Unions? Evil!

    Then I had a job where management took the urine. Staff paychecks bouncing while they drove company Bentlys and paid their wages out of different accounts, along with other key staff. Someone stood up and said we should have a Union and the next day they got fired for 'poor work'. I began to see the point of Unions, or rather what they should be doing as oposed to what they actualy do today in the UK.

    In the real world no one party seem to have a solution and a 'checks and balances' system of government seems best. It stinks and is inefficent and annoying but it beats a one party left or right wing state.
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  13. Uzbeck, i had a similar experience, though going the other way! :)

    not when i'm in charge.
  14. Benign Dictatorship is probably the best form of government. Trouble is it all goes to rat sh1t when they die. I quite like Monarchy as a solution but Kaiser Billy sort of takes the shine off that idea. If I vote for you can I have a sinacure please?
  15. The idea that the world owes you a living is as bogus as with hard work anyone can rise to the top is equally bogus.
    ref call me dave and eton the bullingdon club etc etc.
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