Why are so many Britons emigrating?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Mr Happy, May 20, 2008.

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  1. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator


    comments from readers:

  2. well, there's a few good reasons, fcuk - where's me passport?
    Most depressing thing i've read for a while :(
  3. Why are so many Britons emigrating?

    Easy answer, because this is no longer our country, if I could afford it I would be off like a shot.
  4. By post 44 I was getting ready to pack my suitcase. Then I remembered that the kids were at school.

    F*ck me, that was dreadful. Is there any prospect of this being reversed? I personally doubt it. The self centred attitude has spread far and wide and that includes into the Forces.

    All Labour have done to themselves is what the Tories did to force us to vote them out. They've been around too long now and that alone is reason in my book to get shot of them. I've no faith whatsoever in Cameron and it chokes me to say that even though he's just another Tony Blair, a change must be as good as a rest. It'll kill me to vote Tory, but there is nothing that this current bunch of criminals can do to make me vote for them.

    Is there a party out there worth your vote who will restore the pride in being British or will voter apathy keep Labour in power?
  5. Can you afford not to leave John?
  6. Left UK 18 years ago and haven't looked back. Whilst Germany is not paradise, at least the health system works, the roads are better, travel is easy and I have more rights (unfortunately so do the chavs).
  7. This was my favorite -

  8. As soon as i win the lottery / qualify to emigrate to Australia then i'll be out of the depressing country as well. This country has gone downhill faster than the cheese at that weird cheese rolling hill contest thing!
  9. Very interesting that the dominating reason is the gobmints lack of governing. Sadly I cannot see any political party in this country strong enough to pull UK out of it.

    I have read recently the Jocks and Taffs have their own 'cut and run' agenda's (similar to Ireland had in the 1920's) and the best of luck to them, I certainly don't blame them. Its ironic that its UK taxpayers paying (again) for minority group lifestyle choices! I would laugh but its not funny!

    Have been researching for a way out for a while but due to other countries having immigration polices that would have prevented this decline in GB I am having to complete my degree before I become eligible, then get a job and hope that at 48 (when qualified) I won't be too old!

    Dare I say it, I am even considering France!

    My ancestors are not only turning in their graves but are packing their bags too!
  10. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Might be because they invested in property during the good decade, cashed in and now can live the life of Reilly in foreign sunnier, cheaper climes?
  11. German Chavs? Say it ain't so?

    By all accounts the Germans are also leaving in droves. USA, Switzerland and Poland appear to be the favourites. Whilst I can see the attraction of the first two....Poland? I suppose there's lots of cheap empty housing there, seeing as the previous tenants left for Germany just as soon as they could.

    Damn that Gorbachov fella and his f*cking perastroyka. Things were better when the wall was up. We were over here and they were over there. What else did a chap need to know?

    German Chavs though? It'll take a few hours for that image to materialise. Are you sure that they're not dependants?
  12. Now banned due to health and safety concerns - no duff!
  13. I left three years ago and went to Spain.
    I stayed a little while (not very long at all) and came back. One of the prime reasons for returning was simply that I am Britsih, I don't want to be Spanish or European or Australian or whatever. I just want to be British.
    I want my country back, I don't believe for a moment that any of our politicians of whatever flavour will give me that. I don't have any of the answers other than its perhaps time to dangle a few politicians from lamposts to remind them who they work for.
    I may be pwerless to effect a change but that doesn't mean I should desert my Country for foreign shores. Curiously enough thats exactly how leaving for Spain felt, like deserting. I'll stick around in the vain hope that a meteorite may drop on Parliament.
    Personally I think it will only get better when some people are rounded up, tried for Treason and strung up. But hey ho, thats subversive talk and I am sure a suitable re-education facility will be arranged in due course.
  14. Drilligaf are you in Monchengladbach by any chance? I was gonna pop over for a visit but someone told me I would be dissapointed as it has changed so much since the 80's :oops: when I was there, I'll understand if you don't want to say your location here - I'm not a complete knob, I don't think :wink:
    The JHQ thing made me ask.