Why are so many Army Captain's.....

Sorry, I actually read through all that just to try and justify the title of your thread. Apart from a one-line about a captain at the Egyptian embassy saying they hadn't been informed, I can't seem to find one. Care to enlighten us?


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Defence Attache - army captain? Surely for that post it is more likely Captain RN.
Quite possibly you're right Auld Yin he might well be Navy. Which is ironic, as I'm now guilty of making the exact same kind of stupid unverified public statement, based on what I was told rather than what I knew, as he! Box duly crawled back into!

And perhaps some deeper background is needed rather than a link and a rather grumpy venting of my ire.

The P40 was found in February and the Defense Attaché informed about the human remains at the time. He dismissed the report on the remains allegedly due to hearsay by a third party, despite several well known historians contacting him and explaining that finds with the remains offered pretty strong evidence that this was likely to be Flt/Sgt Copping, yet seemingly he was personally involved in overseeing the P40's recovery... Why the scramble to secure the aircraft ASAP yet do nothing about the known human remains?

I can't seriously be the only one disgusted that a P40 is now packed up and on it's way to the RAFM yet the remains of the man who flew it are still sitting in the desert 8 months later? Right now, in fact.

I know JCCC are a little busy but this whole affair is pretty appalling. The Americans may have some pretty strange practices but I don't for a moment believe this would have happened with JPAC.

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