Why are problems always in the hardest places......


Under the shower in this case.... tiles, glass, door, wall mounts, shower base, shower base support - all had to be ripped out.

Temp fix in place, big job to sort properly.......then I get to clean the mastic off everything and start all over again.:frustrated:


Unfortunately not.
Problem traced to a draft coming in from the outside (its -18 here), and its a chalet. I guess the wood is contracted on the exterior - which means pulling it all off and putting a membrane in when it warms up a bit....then I reckon I'll drill loads of holes from the outside and "lag" the pipes in expanding foam.

I drained the water before I left the place a few days ago, I forgot to also drain from the cellar boiler into the house.....so my fault I guess.


Nice stuff! Does the plastic perform better when frozen, e.g. enough flex?

Cannot get to them with anything more that a drilled hole though.
These pipes are behind a 6x4 inch piece of timber (when accessed from the outside) that forms the start of the chalet bit on top of a concrete base. From the inside they are behind tiles, tile mounting board and waterproof chipboard - inside the sauna........
My man says go and buy 20mm MDPE pipe and fittings it is indestructible - make sure it is the blue one NOT the black one. Mr. Bricolage sells it in 25 metre coils.

Not much warmer here tonight -11.6ºC
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