Why are people from Up North

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BanjoBill, Dec 5, 2008.

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  1. Much friendlier, nicer to be around and more intelligent than the soppy southern softies?

    What's more, does anyone know why men from up north are much more well endowed than southerners?

    And even though size might not be important to the odd lying doris from down south, why are men from up north reputed to be so much better in bed?
  2. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Lies. All lies.

    The only reason Northerners exist is there is not enough room down here. And because we needed cheap manual labour to dig the coal out.
  3. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    They were given work permits and visas to come down to the promised land.
  4. The trouble with lager shandy-drinking nancy-boy sourther poofs is they are just too near France!

    FFS people, some of them live only 22 miles from the shores of the 3rd Republic!

    As such, they spend too much time in the on personal grooming, shopping for clothes and buying soft furnishings for the mock tudor mansions!

    Big girls' blouses the lot of them - and the women are crap shags too!
  5. You won't get much replies from real Northerners since there too busy working for a shilling or two.
  6. Northerners are so much more friendly, nicer and intelligent that when someone from the South does pay a visit to the North they all treat you with the utmost respect and humility.

    Furthermore, as further testament to their friendly nature and superior intelligence, they will josh with you about how they are more friendly than frigid, poofy, sherry-drinking bastards from the south in a non-threatening manner. Such original wit clearly demonstrates how they are the epitome of intelligence.
  7. If Northerners are so intelligent, why do they feel the need to douse everything they eat in gravy? I saw some plastic-geordie cnut putting fcuking gravy on his spag bol the other week. WHY?

    Another thing, if Northerners are so brainy, why can't people from Yorkshire say "the"?
  8. *Giggle*, currently the NAAFI list of posts says:

    Why are people from up north
    Delusional Fat Bastards
  9. Define North Please
  10. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Past Watford. I need a Hazmat suit if I go past it. And I get nosebleeds.
  11. North of the Watford Gap
  12. Come to Scotland you'll be lucky to get away with a nose bleed in fact come to Glasgow you'll be lucky to leave with a nose :love:
  13. This is truly awful. I myself was born in London of Irish stock, educated in Scotland, best mate from the big Chester who I met whilst sojourning in the depths of Wales and I even consoled a scouser at his brother's grave. I think it is scandalous to pick on regions. Everyone in the country is a cnut these days. Equality, that's what I say!
  14. See!! They want our jobs and our women, then they have the utter gall to denigrate their 'bedroom duties' skills, disgraceful.
    At least Southern ladies have the decency to know their place and lie there to receive their husbands life giving fluids without any of this new fangled bouncing around and gasping as is seen in the disgraceful Televisual offerings of the BBC so often.
    Repatriate anyone from North of the Watford Gap at once, the very fabric of our once Great nation demands it.
    Col D.W.B Winstanley-Thrushton ACC (Retd)
    Chipping Norton
    The Shires
  15. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    I would, but I don't have the obligatory ginger beard and have an aversion to porridge oats :D . And I'm too busy drinking watered down beer for £3.50+ a pint. Chin chin!