Why are people against the Iraq and Afghanistan war?

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by London_native, Nov 25, 2010.

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  1. I have been wondering why are people so against theses wars, i am not pro or anti against them. However is going to war to secure resources not one of the most valid reasons? I mean we all use oil, gas and various minerals in our everyday lifes which keeps the west strong and a desirable habitat. Would you be happy for us to lose our way of life and not engage in these activities to sink into 3rd world life? To be honest in the animal and human kingdoms every single conflict has been to gather resources and land mass. Even the world wars where about resources and land mass, so what makes Afghan/Iraq so different? Should we not pursue wealth, power and a very very comfortable lifestyle only activities like these can bring?
  2. I agree, i find it very interesting that benefit claimants complain about the wars but are happy to collect "blood money" every week. Just looking at your PC/laptop takes minerals to activate, which of course need to be replenished for more and new models. I also find it funny that Liberals complain about pollution so ride a bike to work but then get home and use gas, electricity etc. How do people complain about the Amazon jungle being brutalised but then get on a jet to go there to protest, causing high amounts of pollution making these trips. Just how people will complain about oil stealing when you drive a car/bike and minerals when these power your TV's, laptops, oven etc.
  3. The thing is, no-one has said we invaded either place for minerals/oil, one was because of the WMD that never were and the other was because the Taleban were sheltering terrorists.
  4. You will always have the professional pacifists who haunt the airwaves spouting the usual rubbish. It would'nt be so bad if they found out what the conflict was about in the first place.
  5. They have no sense of fun?
  6. Good point. However most people have come to the conclusion it is about oil pipelines and minerals. To be honest im not a political individual really, just find the hypocrisy laughable, you cannot consume and complain at least not taking the moral high ground anyway. Im more than happy to offer my services to secure the wealth and power which made our country and the US great!! The people who complain about "unjust" wars today will be the first to cry when their lifestyles are compromised without wars of tomorrow.
  7. These wars could also be about strategic positioning i.e Iran which is very much in national as much as global importance. The dope smokers think the world is rainbows and sugar when infact our enemy's are plotting our downfall. So in my opinion the US is doing the world a favour before our enemy's get the upper hand pre-emptive strikes are imperative, hopefully Iran will be next to tick off!!
  8. Certainly. I've absolutely no objection to a bit of imperialist smash and grab, provided we have a decent chance of getting away with the booty without our arse in tatters. Now consider the strategic benefit of either of these wars and costs in terms of blood, treasure and opportunity?

    We have a long term interest in Persian Gulf hydro-carbons, Saddam might once again have been a potential threat to that, now with have a very cocky Qom to deal with. There are other aspects but this is the nub, Cost something like, two to three trillion dollars, over four thousand dead, tens of thousands maimed. All for no compelling material gain. Do the oily chums we were protecting in Saudi look less frightened now? I think not. It didn't even work as an exercise in throwing the little guy up against the wall, it's hard to imagine the Vlad casually rolling into Georgia without the revealing spectacle of Uncle Sams once awesomely powerful legions struggling humanly with a mid-sized war just like the 40th Army. This war remains an unforced error that Qom will ensure we will continue to be punished for even if we seem to have managed an orderly retreat.

    Afghanistan is different, a long civil war we were unavoidably sucked into by a handful of disgruntled Saudis with box cutters. Unlike Iraq the country has almost no strategic value, it began as a buffer zone and remains one. The only argument for this wars pursuit is that it is now essential to Pakistani security, that's entirely moot. It ever producing an ROI is very dubious, especially considering what unintended consequences pushing the talibans down in FATA and the ISI friendly embrace has had on the Punjab. A trillion dollars gone and too many of our expensively trained kids, unfortunately we are stuck with it.

    Here I'm using "we" meaning DC. Dave hopes to shamelessly cut n run before his next election race. Can't blame him, vote loser, wars are like, tricky blighters.
  9. Speaking from my comfy civy chair:-

    I was against Gulf II as I could see no legal justification or indeed any great benefit for the Uk

    I _was_ for Afghanistan as there was a clear danger to the Uk and after all our Ally had invoked NATO. An attack on one and all that. I am increasingly against it as we (The UK) apear to be suffering huge mission creap, lack of ability to learn and are without any sign of a long term plan or proper support for our troops as far as I can see.

    Speaking of which I am 100% in my support for the Uk forces....its just why the feck they're being asked to go out and risk life and limb on the line I'm increasingly unsure of.
  10. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I need money to maintain my way of life. I see you have a wallet with money in. Give me your wallet.
  11. To simplify the OPs stance it seems to be - "we need to go to war to ensure we get our share of the goodies we want and this is good"

    How about paying for the stuff we want instead of killing people and breaking things?

    As for the "laughable hypocrisy" just take a look at all the moral outrage when our enemies manage to inflict some damage.
  12. The overwhelming majority of the UK population are stupid, ill-educated and have virtually no exposure to the real world outside UK borders and the telly. A marxist education system has brainwashed most civpop in believing that all war is bad, that there is no UK national interest, and that all of UK's military history has been evil and unjustified. It doesn't help that UK is now in an era of losing wars due to apathy and under-investment.

    Those of us who live and travel overseas can witness the real effect of 30+ years' of Saudi Arabia and Iran investing billions in promoting and spreading their respective forms of radical Islam, and the real menace and instability this is now causing worldwide.
  13. Ever read Leonard Cheshire?
  14. To be frank we take it because we can! Do you not think if we could we would not do the same to China, Russia and vice versa? The strong survive and the weak perish, just like in nature. We are a species formed in nature and the instinct to take resources for survival is paramount to our existence. It will forever course through our vains because it is primal instinct, by taking it by force we reap greater profits and lifestyle benefits. Like i said earlier whether it be the Great Wars, Falklands, Afghanistan or a simple Tiger territorial fight all conflict comes down to resources and land. Which im sure you gladly enjoy dont you?
  15. You seem to think this nation wasn't built on this notion, did you forget about the Empire? That very thing put the Great in Britain and made her the envy of the world!!! Infact all the Great Empires were created upon this foundation. Do you think if we were a 3rd world toilet there would be any liberals let alone anti war? No because everyone would be struggling for survival, thinking how will they feed the kids tonight, so they will do anything to feed that child. We are Britains children and our quite well feed and looked after if i must say?