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Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by armadillo, Jan 17, 2010.

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  1. Why is it parents never listen to you, I have done a ton of signals training and telecomms experience.

    My father bought a freeview box, i plug in the aerial and set it up, all Igot was four channels, went outside checked the aerial, pointing in the wrong direction.

    now try telling him that his aerial needs rotating, OMG. I am suddenly an idiot and we need to buy a new digital aerial, tried explaining thats a con and the old aerial will still work.

    cue the biggest row ever to start, for the want of loosening a few bolts and twisting it we suddenly need new coax and a new digital aerial.

    tried to explain the difference between digital and analouge aerials, no didnt want to know. ie that there is none, and its a con

    so is it just me or do parents of pensionable age become really difficult, or am living an illusion and am still five years old and not a middle aged bloke thats done telecomms his whole life?
  2. he's just old, belligerent, and probably a touch nostalic for the days when he was your guide to the world. just wait until he's out and get up there and DIY.
  3. It's just you.

    Are the neighbours ariels all pointing a different way,we get different channels on the bbc and ITV depending where the TV's are in the house.

    Or is it just you? :wink:
  4. probably me, gonna sneak up and do it when hes scaring people in his car, good idea.
  5. Hi I live in Spain most people here are of an older age and retired. They all go out and buy computers, satelite TV, mobiles (such as an iphone) and then they whinge it does not work. Such phrases as "well why if computer engineers are so clever did they make laptops so hard to understand? If I built a computer I would make it simpler." - coarse you would mate I`m suprised you get out of the house dressed.
    I find it easier to agree and just fix it when they are not there. Never try to fix anything with them in the room. The fact that calculators are new fangled to them does not stop them helping (interfering) with you fix their PC. Such encouraging phrases as "do you know what you are doing my mate in the pub said it needs netscape."
    In short treat them like we used to treat officers on a Staff College Exercise in the Signals and you won`t go far wrong.
    Hope that helps.
  6. Cheers firthy good advice, I am getting the constant questions and dodgy comments.

    Remote controls have around thirty buttons on them and he will press every button till he gets the thritieth one ha ha, I do love and respect my dad but what a pain.
  7. ooh this is such a good thread. i am by no means any kind of techno expert but trying to tell my old man that his internet will continually cut out as he has no ADSL filter fitted and that having the pc in the spare room attached via a long lead to a spare phone socket is not ideal for getting good internet connection, try moving it downstairs to the desk says i, no its the computer thats broken says he, this process normally happens about twice a month. mobile phones, another bit of new fangled wizardry, he even phoned the supplier up to give them what for. my sister put the sim in the right way and surprise surprise it worked. dont get me started on 'the good old days'. he will argue till the cows come home that some place is still the same as it was when he was there in the 60's / 70's. he has asked on afew occasions wether i go to china fleet for a beer, 'dad the british empire has gone, did you know we'd pulled out of india' no china fleet has gone along time ago. aaaaarrrrghgghhh
  8. 'Dad' always knows best, period! :D

    How many times and placese have you heard a dad explaining to kids with great authority something he has little or no clue about?

    We'll never be like that, shall we? :wink:
  9. Mum joined in looking for aerial fitter, mum its two bolts says I, but we need an engineer says mum. Mum I am I am qualified telecomms fitter, says I, Buts hes an engineer says mum.

    All I need is a twenty foot ladder and an adjustable. aaargh!

    All this so he can watch crap anyway!

    The only saving grace is that he hates johnathon woss, I love it when his advert comes on cos he goes proper mental. I was going to film it for youtube but I dont have a bleep machine like they do on telly.
  10. I've had similar conversations on the use of WiFi with my parents.

    Apparently there are people sat & waiting outside of our house, in cars, waiting for us to connect a PC wirelessly to the house WiFi network so they can hack into the signal and steal our identities/bank/business details etc.

    "You can't argue against that, because a journalist wrote about it once."

    So my parents would rather have a 20 foot long ethernet cable plugged into the Wireless Router. They even went a bit crazy when I connected to WiFi on my dads laptop the other day.

    The Daily Mail have a lot to answer for.

  11. Then get sky for him you tight git :roll:
  12. i suffer through that too. only with the added annoyance of "Using wireless turns your home into a microwave!"
  13. Trying to convince them that you need to put a password on it, oh the agony. One of the chavs next door was on it permanently, renamed the server to his last name with thieving git on it.
  14. Oh this is just the edge I get people saying "you never ever reply to our requests for PC support."
    I ask how they asked for this support, they say I sent you a text message days ago.
    What number did you send this text message to please I ask?
    This number blah blah blah - very interesting concept say I that is a landline number and yes it is my landline but it does not do text messages.
    They ask how they are supposed to know and telling them that the business card, advert and webpage all say mobile number .... and landline number .... Email ... etc makes no difference they just carry on sending texts to landlines.

    Sad really but keeps me busy.