Why are our boots black?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bravo_Bravo, Apr 23, 2004.

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  1. Well, field boots anyway?

    There is more brown than black in nature ( mud, for example ) and so they are less visible at a distance, plus I understand that brown boot polish has more wax than the black variety has, and so keeps leather supple and waterproof for longer. The Aussies use brown boots for what its worth: why dont we?

    And no, I have not been on the pop.
  2. " why dont we? "

    Because the British Army has always worn black boots, and if black was good enough for Waterloo and the Somme, why take such a drastic step?
  3. Thank God that we aren't using that rationale today! :D

    My (probably hazy) military history seems to recall a great deal of things being done a certain way at the Somme - and lots of those resulted in telegrams being delivered to grieving widows.

    Thankfully, we have progressed since then. Just because it was done 90 years ago doesn't mean we have to keep doing it.

    But, brown boots would just look silly with our style of temperate kit. :D
  4. Style points are always valid.. but I disagree...

    Lochinvar, I presume you feel we should bring back the Baker Rifle? ( I know, I know..)
  5. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I always thought it originated from when the War Office bought up the first 'Buy one get one free' offer in bulk when KIWI polish first set up in c.1872.
  6. They did a trial for brown boots in the late 60's and found that the boots were better made and more robust, but were much more expensive to mass procure than black boots - so black you will have (from the cheapest supplier).

    so much useless trivia, so little time to use it :lol:
  7. Currently spend too much time working with the Italian Army. They have brown boots.

    Nuff said.

    They look awful as well. :roll:
  8. There is a lot of truth in that.

    "black" is used for the less expensive, less attractive, cuts of leather as well usually.
  9. as Henry Ford said:
    "you can have any color as long as its black!"
    "history is bunk"
  10. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    US jungle boots (identical to ours I think) were/are green. It made sense to me.
  11. Got a pair, leather is black but the canvas part is green, tried wearing them once whilst doing a lot of driving with my old unit, as they were more flexible and therefore more comfortable.

    Predictably the razzman's line was "either black up the green bits with polish or get them out of my sight"

    Quite heavy though as they have the steel plate thingy to protect from punji sticks! Bloody glad though, never know when you might encounter punji sticks on Barrybuddon Trg Area :roll:
  12. Makes sense, but the time spent by the average grunt in t'jungle compared to trogging around muddy fields / exercise areas means a boot that can have waterproof stuff added to it will win. Not much call for green polish where I shop.

    Now a good quality boot - regardless of colour. Different subject.
  13. Because they are free and available.

    What have you got against black boots? Attitudes like this, questioning colour, can do nothing but harm in this day and age.
    Learn to live with what you are issued, regardless of colour and your further career will proceed in harmony.

    Due to the dwindling numbers of polar bears and in light of the increasing kangaroo population, I think you will find a different colour of leather products will shortly be trialed throughout the joint service procurement system.
  14. My daughter once had some multicolures Doc Martens.

    Why not!
  15. I have just picked this up. Questiosn are what adults do, can you just sod off back to the OTC theres a good little Bert