Why are Liarbor still high up in the polls?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sebcoe, Apr 29, 2010.

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  1. Watching the news in the mornings, I still dont understand why Liarbor are still between 27 to 30 % in the polls... I can understand why people are looking at the Limp Dems even though they are very wet!! and will be in effective as a govt.

    But who is standing by Labour!! and why? their economic policies have destroyed this country, their immigration policy is absurd, stealth taxes!! overspeanding on every occasion, quangos galore......etc, etc, come on ladies & gents you cant all be Idiots!! or mirror readers!!... :oops:
  2. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Because the public are generally stupid *****. And their core votership is only getting bigger year on year. I am hoping time will tell and on the day ZanuNL will be sent packing. But with this country and its retarded 'x - factor/Britains got talent' generation, who knows? Maybe if Andrew Lloyd Webber was casting the PM in a musical and there was a £1 a minute phone in to vote in the election the public would be more interested?
  3. Polls for general elections are often quite misleading though, and often completely innacurate as people get to vote which ever way they see fit in their nice and private booth. Asked on a busy street in a Labour stronghold they are not very likely to publicly admit to voting Conservative are they? I suspect though that many are now saying that they would vote Lib-Dems to get Labour out but on crunch day the only course they may take is to vote Conservative knowing that if a jobs to be done, it's to be done properly.
  4. Because they have spent their years in power dumbing the country down.

    People who can think for themselves are dangerous bigots.
  5. None of the parties are ideal, but Labour are the best of the bunch.
  6. Over fifty percent of the workforce gets the majority or all of their income from the State either through employment in or for the public sector or in benefits.

    "Turkeys voting for Christmas" for them to vote for anything other than Labour.
  7. Get back to reading your Mirror Taff...... 8O Labour has done Wales the power of good...LOL.

    So explain why they are the best of the bunch then?
  8. I remember the 92 election (Or was it 93) anyway Labour were way out in front and Neil "Kuntnoch" was on route to be PM and low and behold John Major was back in it could happen here another 5 years of ole one eye.

  9. Two reasons.

    i) Some people will never vote Tory or Libdem because it's just culturally ingrained. Politics is basically a contest of toffs vs. the working class to them, and they haven't noticed yet that a substantial portion of the parliamentary labour party is composed of weird, politically correct upper-middle class people who never grew out their student activist days.

    ii) There are a lot of people whose incomes and social status depend on precisely the spending and red-tape the rest of the country is worried about.
  10. Because so much of the country is dependant on state hand-outs (not entirely sure of my figures but I believe that somehat less than 25% of the entire population is in actual paid employment, the rest being unemployed, retired or in full time education). Given that fact, is it any wonder that many of the benefits community are going to vote against Labour, it's a bit like turkeys voting for Christmas.

    Sorry ExStab was typing mine slower than you.
  11. This is based on their current track record yes? And you take your medication at what time?

  12. Johnbozzz

    You keep him talking and I will get the men in white coats, feckin knobber.

  13. Wether or not you liked Major, the UKs finances were in a far better position as they are now, even though we did have a dip in our economy at the time, I agree with the general consensus that who ever gets in will have a difficult job & difficult decissions/cuts to make, but voting labour would be like getting Myra Hindley to Baby sit!
  14. This is true! but you ve got to be an idiot not to think outside this, and this is my point If you vote Labour then you must be Stupid.....like blacks voting for the KKK
  15. Seb

    You miss my point I do not want the feckin Fife twat to get back I am just hoping history does not repat itself

    there are a lot of people that depend on Labours handouts