Why are high priced escorts so expensive? Who cares

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dollsteeth, Jul 2, 2011.

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  1. £150???!!!

    Yes should have pulled fat chick, no it didn't work out, no I don't care and yes I'll let you know if she was worth it (details to follow)

    So in this light if you had to pay for it, best/worst/gopping/tidy/expensive/cheap/hilarious/disturbing/Kenya/Rauls/Thailand etc etc...

    Your best,worst,unfortunate or downright ridiculous dalliances with the ladies of the night
  2. They will be expensive if they're a "high priced" call girl like you stated.

    Besides, £150 a go is not high priced. Very much doubt it'll be anything to write home about.

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  3. I had an Escort once. It cost less than £150. It lasted about three months, then the gear box was totally fucked.
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  4. Christ, if you think £150 is 'high-priced' I shudder to think of the gopping, scrofulous, wizard-sleeved clungemonsters you must normally plough.
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  5. Personally I would not regard less than £500 as "high priced". A quick online check shows £150 to be average-ish. Of coures, it depends where in the world/where in the UK you are looking.
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  6. If you think £150 is high priced then try giving all your wages away to a bint you can't even be arsed to shag! That's fucking marriage for ya!
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  7. If you think marriage is expensive, try divorce for a piss-take!
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  8. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Don't get married, just find a bird you don't like & buy her a house.
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  9. That sir, is one of the best one liners I've heard. Kudos to you.
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  10. £150 sound rather cheap for a highclass hooker/escort.
    For £500+ i would expect a good blowjob, a decent fuck & my photo in the NOTW.;-)
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  11. £150? One of my best mates is just applying to join an agency and she's on about £350 before you get to the bedroom (and before you ask: mates rates only nockes £30 of but I do get to take the pics of her that she uses for her sites :thumright: )
  12. And the site is????????
  13. You tight fucking cunt!

    £150 seems to be the norm. If you're thinking about expensive, some don't spread their legs for a penny less than a grand.
  14. 150 quid is roughly 250 Aussie dollars. Over here I can fuck two Abo toddlers, pay the fine and buy a carton of VB with the change. Mind you, the girls cost extra.
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