Why are Gnrs on OPs being treated like cnuts

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Readyfourzero, May 31, 2005.

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  1. I was approached by the concerned relative of a Gnr in Iraq the other day who seemed to be quite distressed that his relation wasn't very happy and was thinking of jacking when he got back. It was something to do with the way he and his mates were being treated. It sounded like they were doing the normal long hours of stag, QRF, frameworks that normally go on but then in their down time getting beasted over irrelivant and meanial jobs leaving the morale at rock bottom.

    Lets face it I know what you lot are like on the bull side of things after being shouted at by a BSM for looking like a tramp after spending 17 out of 24 days at BATARRSE without a vehicle, thumbing lifts, begging for food and water. So why do you lot feel the need to do it when the blokes are working flat out as it is....is it just an empire building thing?
  2. Tell the cocerned relative that he should be grateful his relation didnt join the RLC he wouldnt have made it out of training!

    "normal long hours of stag, QRF, frameworks that normally go on but then in their down time getting beasted over irrelivant and meanial jobs leaving the morale at rock bottom"

    Sounds pretty normal, maybe he saw the "Frank" adverts before joining up?
  3. the ops have always got something to whinge about as the old saying goes
    "choose yer fcuking job"
  4. Who are you? Dear fcuking Deidre? In that case maybe you can help me............There's this bloke from some chipshop unit called D&D's who's the unnoficial "voice of the Tom". He's under the impression that blokes who are fcukin gipping admin cases shouldn't get beasted while on ops. Is he a cnut or not?
  5. a definate cnut d-b-2,probably one of those whinging op cnuts,or has been working with them at the "sharp end"
  6. The latter I think mate.
  7. god forbid you move out of your 9-5 comfort zone,on an operational tour,never,what next crows getting duties instead of every fcuking weekend off
  8. And get payed extra for it, happy with that!

    Thought the Dunkin Doghnuts got axed on SDR?

    Must be a mortar size thing
  9. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    They get paid for it, or would they like some of the NCOs to do the menial jobs for them. Tell the guy to get a grip of himself.

    Gunners....... BAH!
  10. 'Why are Gnrs on Ops being treated like cnuts?' - Odd that you need to ask.
  11. What a fcuking load of bollux, who the fcuk is that nobber. He obviously needs a shovel full of sympathy! closly followed by a boot in the face :evil:
  12. Thanks guys for your comments, yeah you are right....perhaps I've grown too soft in my old age.....almost time to turn to the right, gain height and take three paces.........so, what do I really care...each disgruntled Gunner is another 10 that walk away from the careers office when recruiting is so hard these days.....so the answer is....no I don't really give a flying fcuk cos we're quicker into action than you lot anyway!

    PS....GQ - He was an NCO and his patrol commander was as well!
  13. Yeah...if he can't take a joke......shouldn't have joined the planks should he?
  14. [/b]perhaps I've grown too soft in my old age
    the phone to my mum

  15. with little gems like that you should try this thread m8.