Why are dashcams so popular in Russia?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Blogg, Jan 28, 2013.

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  1. msr

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  2. I've got one on my work van - wouldn't be without it now as there has been a spate of slam on 'accidents' recently, but also more generally as a lot of relatively minor shunts are being classed as 50:50 blame by insurance companies and premiums jump the next year.
  3. As mentioned, there is a vast industry of deliberate crashes and claims-with-menaces. Richest/baddest person always wins. It goes so far that now people even have live "cloud" back-ups of the footage, as in-car data storage can get seized as evidence and "lost" by the police/crims.
  4. See Artes sticky in this thingy.
  5. Not just in Russia.
    Look what this one caught
  6. Popular in the Czech Republic too. Police are crap, judges are... Best to have own evidence.
  7. I thought it was so they could make a quick buck flogging on the videos to YBF or Harry Hill or Craziest Fools. £250 a pop?!
  8. Not actually a 'sticky' but it it can be found here non-the-less.
  9. Schaden

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    Because Russians are uncivilised ***** - I thought that was pretty obvious.
  10. A mate of mine spends time there ( hes a dodgy ****)
    he usually buys a cheap old Lada Riva, and if he has a smack just fucks off on foot
    he told me sometimes when he has MEETINGS he leaves the crappy lada near to the meet point and takes a taxi to the RV
    reckons that sometimes after handing over the roubles they follow you bang you on the nut and recover the goods
    he likes to arrive in a limo, gets them well pissed ( hard with russki mafia) then nips of to the loo changes clothes and picks up his parked car leaving the hired limo waiting ( all paid for)
    he said alcohol, bad roads, fecking idiots, flash new cars, and snow and ice are the main culprits
    he also reckoned getting your collar felt by the russian police can often end in you pushing up the daisies
  11. Insurance claims mainly. The standard of driving is so bad its better to take a taxi or the metro in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Avoid driving anywhere if possible, negotiate the fare first, wear a seat belt, insist the doors are locked etc etc.
  12. Just out of interest
    how do you know this?
  13. Because I spend at least half the year there, I do business in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the Stans. The standard of driving in Russia is shocking not helped by a considerable number of drivers driving while drunk and some very drunk. A fair number of police also drive drunk, they can get away with it. If you want to see what driving in Russia is like put Russian driving or Russian road rage or Russian road rage fights into Google and sit back and enjoy. Also put in Russian traffic accidents, if that doesn't put you off driving in Russia nothing will.
    Taxis are the only way. The problem comes when you have to go from one town or city to another. If there is an accident the distances between towns and cities are so great the injured can die due the time it takes for an ambulance to arrive. And if you survive the ambulance you then have to survive the hospital you're taken to.
    Moral of this story, stay off the roads if you possibly can.
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