Why are cooks called Chefs in the Army

Discussion in 'RLC' started by paul2005, Jul 15, 2005.

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  1. Although I don’t deny some RLC egg beaters do produce some excellent grub, I've always wondered why we refer to them all as Chefs - it's not a rank or a position and in my view, a Chef is someone who creates meals and menus who also runs the kitchen with a rod of iron i.e.: Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver so forth. They are referred to as Chef as is his/her position and also as a term of respect by all. Those who manufacture and produce their ideas are underneath him and are referred to as Cooks and Kitchen Hands. You don’t have a kitchen full of Chefs do you. So in the Army why do we refer to all burger flippers as Chefs? Please someone enlighten me.
  2. It's just a joke! Ironic. Old shout one used to hear in dining hall "Who called the cook a cnut?" Reply from all "Who called that cnut a cook?"
  3. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Any chefs want to defend themselves?

    I've never actually seen of them on the board lads.

    Too busy working earlies and lates to prepare all that scoff no one minds eating when on tour, exercise in the cookhouse. Would you like it to all go to civvy contract?
  4. My tuppence worth: a chef creates meals and menus (as pointed out above) whilst a cook merely heats stuff up in a pan like you or I do.

    And they work bloody hard, get sod all gratitude for it and are ridiculously committed to ops - highest turnover across all trades I believe.

    Well done them. Now - back to the kitchen! :D
  5. but isn't most food in cookhouses, messes, whatever we call them this week, produced by civvies? Even on telic the REMFs were being fed by local contractors, rice and chicken being the staple I remember being told, TF for the MREs!!
  6. About sums it up. And for all you idle can't cook knowit all tossers who moan about the chefs take your pick, 30 days on ORP or worse still, 24hr Rat packs, or 7 days on ORP followed by the rest of the time on fresh food.
    MREs! If you have no sense of taste what so ever great. Don't believe MREs are toss, see what you can swap with an American for a UK rat pack. And try the italian orp, complete with bottle of wine. Say what you like about them, but thats style.
    Plus when PAYD arrives and its expensive and toss, and the messes disappear in about 7yrs, and the chef trade goes tits up because no-one will join to flip burgers in the NAAFI and go on tour constantly, don't you f**king dare moan. Because when asked, thats what the boys asked for.
    Enjoy your meal sir.
  7. Somebody touched a nerve I think:

    But as I said in my original thread that our "Chefs" do produce excellent meals, no one appreciates them more than I, but what my query was, was why are they called Chefs and not cooks.
  8. The RLC cooking course is the hardest course in the British Army...

    because nobody has managed to finish it yet!!!
  9. In my opinion a 'COOK' is an unqualified 'CHEF' all military 'CHEFS' are city & guilds and/or NVQ qualified to the highest level of their rank

    and believe me there are some talented chefs in all 3 services

  10. Opimists.......don't ya just luv 'em!!!!
  11. From dictionary.com:

    Cook:A person who prepares food for eating.

    Chef:A cook, especially the chief cook of a large kitchen staff.

    or another meaning of cook: Slang. To alter or falsify so as to make a more favorable impression.

    seems about right!
  12. Cook, chef, all semantics when it comes to Mil Catering and what is left of the Catering Corps, repsect to the Military Field Kitchens who have fed a lot of us when out and about in hard conditions etc. More the pity we have all these civvie contractors who fed dross to the troops and have the wierdest serving times, evening meal creeping earlier and earlier, we might as well just collect it the same time as lunch! Any hows, respect to what is left of the mil catering corps, saving us from MREs and Rat Packs when out making like trees etc
  13. army food made me what i am now!!!

    over 16 stones -pining for more cholesterol in the shape of compo sausages -bacon grill- stews containing all known proteins,starch and carbohydrate mixes known to human kind. healthy food options-i spit on them!!! PS-cook-chef- egg scrambler- who gives a shit about titles as long as the food was hot and there on time!!!!