Why ARE Bonus's taxed?

It's a bit much really, you look forward to these 'incentives' and when they arrive you lose a third of it to the taxman.

I heard rumours that there was a way of claiming some or all of it back, can anyone tell me if this is true? It would be nice to claim back the 900 quid they took out of my 3 grand............

Not that i am holding my breath.  :mad:


Although the tax business sucks, it pays the Police to police, the hospitals to heal, the teachers to teach and the MoD to train you.

So, the next time you get tanked up down town, nick a car, outrun the fuzz, wrap yourself around a lamp post and wake up next to a brainy doctor who's just sewn your chest back together - consider how all this would have been possible without your kind tax donations!

I know it pays for taxes and what not,but it still sucks that you lose 900 quid of it before it even gets to you,they should up the bonuses to cover what taxes are taken out,so say for your 3000 bonus you should get 3900 so you are still left with 3000 at the end of it all.Compared to the police and the fire service,we get pittance,when doing in reality a more dangerous job,i dont see us getting payed accordingly!!! :(
I tell you what they should do - stop bonuses and just pay us more, especially with the LSSA Bonuses.  At least then people wouldn't be trying to argue about extra days that they have never had.

On the subject, why wait until we are on Ops before asking about your LSSA days from 18 months ago when that info is stuck back in your Pay File on Camp - Arrghhhh

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