WHY are armoured better than fieldies???

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by 105AVRE, May 10, 2006.

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  1. once upon a time we use to be separate....THEY did their job and WE did ours...we were all FIELDIE trained...and they were NOT armoured trained,....but now we are all CLOSE SUPPORT ...yeah,right!!!....for those that remember...do we need CHUNKIES anymore?(Trojan and Titan on the horizon) or should it be separate entities like it use to be...because looking at the facts....they are are oggies after all....and in my personal opinion have no place at the front of the battle :D
  2. Fieldies for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Even as a civi, I still consider myself to be a fieldy!
  3. THEY did their job and WE did ours

    when your tanks were working he he
    probably wont change when t and t come in it wont take you lot long to
    f%^k them all

  4. Having served in both types of unit all I can say is that more beer can be carried in a Cheiftan than a 432 with 8 men in side. Also the sleeping conditions are superior on the tanks.

    Some of my best memories were at 77AES, never forget my first weekend on exersise being told to dig a big hole and bulldoze a few trees into it so we could have a troop smoker in style.

    Some how I think that mentality will be lost with all this close support, BATUS certainly went down hill once the chunkies took charge of armoured units.
  5. Thought the "chunkies" were pioneers?

    Please enlighten this ignorant individual.
  6. Enlighten me or you?

    I always called the feild squeeks "chunkies", "oggies" and often called them "Vaders" as on battle runs you would see them run out the back of the 432's with red light sabres
  7. Field the force luke .
  8. Me, not you.

    Oggies I know but hadn't realised they could be also be chunkies.

    So what's happened to make the chunkies in charge or whatever as you were describing?
  9. When I first turned up at 32, it was still 32 Armoured Engineer Regiment!
    But sadly it was caught up in all the crappy re-shuffelling of Sqn's and Troops etc...
    I must admit that it wasn't much different from my point of view, but you could see a lot of guys were not the happiest of chappies!!
    No longer were they in armoured or field Sqn's!!! It was just a plain old set of Engr Sqn's!!!
    Anyway, I would also like to point out that living on top of a 436 was definitely a lot better than on top of a stinking AVLB/ AVRE!!!
    We had everything mounted outside of the cage, and the only things inside were our bergans, the cam-net and a BFM (Big F*****G Mattress!!)
    Having slept on top of AVLB's/AVRE's on attachment to 31 Armd Engr Sqn, I definitely know which way of life I prefered!!!

    Still proud to have worn the Bulls-Head with pride for 5 years though!!!

    Up the Armoured!!!...


    P.S... WHY are armoured better than fieldies??? Because they can get there faster, carry more kit and put down a brige in minutes not hours!!! Also, they are the only Sappers in the corps who can tell what type of pie you're holding by Shape and colour of tin alone!!!
  10. what do armd do when they break down, sit on their arses or play nurdles,
    at least fiedies can crack on with most tasks on foot unlike armd
  11. I wouldn't fancy carring around enough barmines to put in a heavy minefield. An AVRE with trailer and barmine layer can put in minefields a lot quicker as they can carry a lot more mines. We (when I was in an armd troop) had to supplement the fieldies because they didn't have enough guys to carry out their tasks. Due to a shortage of tankies the fieldies were offered a chance to go armd and about 1/3 of the field troop jumped ship.
  12. LOL, a bit of banter, excellent.

    I am one of Gods own children an Oggie through and through 8) .

    Have had this discussion in the bar so many times that I am getting a hangover thinking about it.

    Tankies do an adequate job most of the time (if they make it to the Obstacle). :D

    105 AVRE you lost this one when I read your location under your avatar :D :D

    Typical, 3 minutes to launch the bridge but 3 days of work by the FRT to get you from the start line to the Obstacle.

    Meanwhile the Oggies have built a 12 bay DS reverse stripped and are hand breaching cos the steering box widget whibbled.

    Wait till T+T hit the streets you may have some comeback :D :D
  13. Trojan and Titan will soon change that problem. There is even a defile devise on the new bridge layer. What are fieldies going to do on battleruns?
  14. Probably exactly what the Tankies did (while broken down).

    Play Euchre
    Drink Beer
    Eat Pies

    edited cos I missed a cutting bit of sarcasm out
  15. With a lot of tankies now having artisan trades now due to armd not being a stand alone trade now armd troops can do the fieldies job on tour as well!