Why Are All The STD Victims Northerners?


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I've been bombarded by government health warnings on the radio. They warn of massive waves of horrible Sexually Transmitted Diseases(or "Doses") on the loose. But then it hit me, Why are all the victoms in the adverts speaking with northern accents? The wise voice at the end giving advice is southern! Why is this? Rude and abusive, but funny, answers greatly received.
Dale the Snail is accountable for 95% of the doses found in the North. Maybe thats why the stats are so high? The stats will change approx every three years which just so happens to coincide with her preference of posting.

If you see the population of the Falklands desimated by STDs (sheep an' all), you'll know she's gone to the South Atlantic on a det.
Being a jessey amongst monkeys, i can attest to the fact that women up here, whilst generally easier on the eyes, are normally sluttier, smellier and wetter, along with more diseased.

Which means they taste better then!
Where did the thread go? The one started by gennithmedic.

Sorry to sound dull and repetative but can you at least post why it was pulled please?
To bug you :D
Revenge of the Uber Mods!


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My bad. I should have posted vile filff like this in the Naafi. Looks like extras for crimbo
The women folk of Lancashire have adultery as their national sport. Married women and single men go out on Thursdays. You will seldom see a married man out, because he knows he might see something he prefers to pretend isn't happening! Fridays are a different kettle.

I confess that I did endanger my amateur status whilst in Lancs on one or two occasions but never fully embraced the sport! I'm strictly Union me now...

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