Why am I watching Escape to Victory

Yes it is fun, yes we win (well escape) but why am I watching it now? I bet I have it on vhs too....

Also, am I wrong, but I am sure that SG colonel was incorrectly dressed, surely only Guards Armoured (who didnt land in Europe until after dday and wore black berets) wore berets in WW2?
Apparently Stallone got so into character that he went round telling everyone to call him Banksie- Bobby Moore told him he was a cnut.
I'm attempting to watch as well. It's just shocking. It's not entertaining, it's not funny, there's no acting talent whatsoever. Apparently the British Army love walking around with mixed dress (shirt? who needs a shirt? Jumpers, berets, trousers, whatever goes) which we all know only happens with the RLC at PRB... :p

I think this film may make my eyes and my brain bleed, it is that bad. I am glad to say I was watching world at war before the film, so I may just survive.

My congratulations and heart felt condolances to all those who make it through this film...
Hi All,

According to IMDB:


"Reportedly, Sylvester Stallone insisted that his character score the game-winning goal in the film, as he felt he was the biggest star in the film."8O

" The non-American crew was finally able to convince him of the absurdity of the goalkeeper scoring the winning goal, and the penalty shot was specifically written to placate his ego.":D

Yeah, its poo.

But not as poo as Pearl Harbor (except for Miss Beckinsale).

Best Regards,

i had heard that one.

Be fair crabby. Of course they all went around in mixed dress, have you ever seen any PoW film? If it is good enough for John Mills.......... Please don't ruin my boyhood ideas of what British officers should look like!!! Not as good as Lionel jeffries in the colditz story wearing service dress with knotted scarf and wooly skull cap.

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