Why am I taking AGES to warm up on runs?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by JayCam, Nov 25, 2007.

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  1. Went out for a 70 minute run today and it took me about 3 and a half miles before I felt like I was running on all cylinders. Whats with this? Is it simply the colder weather?

    Any advice on how to warm up faster? Problem being after I am warmed up I can quite easily pump out a sub 10 min 1.5 miler but 'cold' I keep hitting between 10:30 and 11:00 which is shite. The 800m warm up they give you isnt enough for me!

    Please advise!

  2. pour petrol over yourself and then light it.

    that should warm you up.
  3. I tend to try and start warming up at home before I go out, still carry on with a warm up routine once Im out and running but have found I get going quicker if Ive started the process already (that and Im a wimp if I can avoid being out in the cold and wet or at least minimise it, without resorting to not doing any running I will do).
  4. Remeber to drink plenty of water. In the cold winter people often forget. If you are underhydrated you are much more prone to feeling the cold and getting hypothemia. This is the less ovious reason why you might feeling the cold for longer.

    I assume you are wearing a hat.

    It never takes more than 10 mins to warm up even when there is snow ( I normally run everyday all year slight injury at prsesent).

    It may be that you are not running hard enough. When its very cold starting of harder than you might normally do can help warm you up quicker.
  5. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    It's called getting older - expect it to get worse :wink:
  6. I am not actually wearing a hat for the reason I always feel too hot if I do.. even in this weather. I am some kind of heat machine and feel warm even in stupid temperatures lol. I do wear a sweatshirt and gloves though.

    It may in fact be that I am not consuming enough water I will try to make sure I am in future hopefully this will help.

  7. There are many possible explanations for why a warm up takes longer than normal; one of the most credible is that you are over-training. Get yourself a some proper coaching advice; if you have a decent PTI, he/se should be able to point you in the right direction. Remember that the training effect occurs when you are resting; are you getting enough rest/doing too much (eg 70 mins sounds like quite a long run for someone of average (10 min 1.5) fitness)?

    Incidentally, my warm up protocol for a 20 min race takes over 45 minutes. However, note that this is a properly structured warm-up starting from very low intensity and building through low resistance/high tempo and not an all-out effort at race pace (I note from your message that you 'take 3.5 miles before [you are] running on all cyclinders'; IMO, that is not a warm-up, that is how to injur yourself).
  8. Thanks for the reply Dragstrip. I don't think I am overtraining and lay off when I feel overly "DOMSey" or of course if I feel the onset of an injury. I dont think 70min runs are particularly difficult and I am actually in pretty good fitness, its just I seem to do better over longer distances hence my 1.5m time doesnt really reflect this. Also I am in marathon prep. I am constantly juggling a training program and I try to keep it balanced do you have any advice? My current one is:

    Monday: Rest
    Tuesday: Upper Body and core (weights)
    Wedesday: 3 mile "fast" run, usually in approx 23 mins
    Thursday: 40 min run or circuits (britmilfit)
    Firday: Rest
    Saturday: 40 min slow run/jog
    Sunday: Long Run (60 minutes plus)

    Could you explain what you mean a little more please? Am I setting myself up for injury this way? What I meant is that I go out at a jog, after about 5-10 mins I have a light stretch then pick up the pace to a slow steady run (10-11 min pace ish) until I "feel right" then I go up to the pace I am meant to be training at that day. Its not like im heading out cold at 7min pace and holding it there for 70mins. I am not sure If I was clear originally.


  9. Or you could just be a physical oddity such as myself. The whole part of the squadded part of the test is exactly that, a warm up. I still run three or four times a week and have done so for thirty years. I have always taken forever to reach the comfortable level where all parts are functioning with ease.