'Why am I on ROPs?' and other bellendery

Oh spare me.
Spare Spare thats an anagram of rapes

So thats more mysogenistic abuse from the white supremicist patriacrch rooted in toxic masculinity, rape culture , racism oppression homophobia and transphobia**

Wibble Wibble

**Unless you agree with trans rights then thats sexist mysogony
You have been told about the boot/testicle interface......

Could be a boot/mangina interface, one can't assume their gender these days
Brace yourself, its ban expires tomorrow.


As soon as she gives me a reason, she'll be out of the door so quick, her arse won't touch the ground.
That'll be a turn-up, then. From what I've read on here it's such a saggy lump that, standing up, its arse drags on the floor.

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