'Why am I on ROPs?' and other bellendery


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You do have to careful.

I once got a month's complete ban for telling a joke in CA.
Complaining or boasting?
Did you get 'Ropped' because of the US Diplomats wife thread?
I cannot for the life of me remember you acting out of order on there, nothing that deserved Rops anyway.
I blame Rebecca Vardy
Well I am shocked, really...
Its not like you called other posters a "Dick" (twice) in that very tread thread like somebody else did is it?
'Somebody Else' who remains unpunished but he always seems to get away with his behaviour anyway, must have friends up above.
Bad luck Jonesy, I am at an utter loss as to what it was you are supposed to have done and I followed that thread very closely.

Edited to spell thread proper like...
I blame Rebecca Vardy

Edit : Rebekah, a bit posh for her council estate
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No clue, I was just given the Red Badge of Mongage without any sort of btw moron this is what you did.
The red badge does look nice. ;)

Maybe you can claim to to be the only person from WY to have the red badge on a Brit forum. I would, if I can. :)
As i said, I was sure. It is interesting to note, however, to an admittedly simpleton observer, that forum "guidelines" seem to be "elastically" applied in some instances by some mods. Perceptions being what they are, I am wrong as usual I am sure.
No, you're not wrong, but there is a degree of flexibility applied, given circumstances.

Act the twat, you will get smacked down. It's more a question of how much patience the qrown ups have built up with your twattery. No one has infinite luck.


Indeed. Which of course naturally raises questions about motives, bias, ideologies and the like, such as whether she really does have a "headache."
What you do is hand her a bottle of aspirin.

She says, "What do I want those for? I don't have a headache."

You smile lecherously as you undo your trousers...

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