Why am I In the REME?

Discussion in 'REME' started by amiano, Nov 18, 2007.

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  1. Ok. I think i might have gone a bit over the top on this original post.. thats what drinking too much buckfast and vino tinto does to me so apologies to all who slagged me off.. probably deserved it.. but i still think REME could make some changes or at least give some choices to the way their soldiers have to serve. I guess its the same in any corp. Anyway im off to grease some props.
  2. Cause you're a REMF? :roll:
  3. You are in the reme becuae you lacked the balls to join combat. You sound like you have some sort of attachhment issues are you a girl?
  4. You got Sunday sighs!!
  5. Wished you were in the Royal Engineers...

    REME: Royal Engineers Made Easy

  6. You are in REME because you can string more than five words together and be understood. You would be wasted in any other Corps.

    I served 20 years in REME and have some good mates from that time - you'd be surprised at how many of your old mates you bump into over the years - and where you'll bump into them.

    I always enjoyed my time at first line units and was always made welcome - playing Regt Sports helps - why not give it a go?

    The best bit about REME is the fact that you do move around - it means you get to see a lot more of the Army than someone who spends their entire career in one regiment and actually starts believing his unit is the best.

  7. Beats getting sodomized with a bottle. :wink:
  8. I agree. Most bottles are far too small and not worth the effort. :)
  9. Remes not clever and not brave they are a proffesional walt.
  10. Fire extinguishers are the way forward
  11. Time for you to grow up, and just maybe grow a pair.....

    Whinging cnut :roll:

  12. This is obviously posted by someone with a wide knowledge of what the army is about. For your information it's REME not remes and they hav eto be brave enough to go with any tooth arm unit into any situation that unit is sent into. Admittedly most REME don't have the skills with weapons that the tooth arm squaddies have but then again most regiments are quite prepared to cover their LADs and Workshops because as no less a man tha Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery said "REME put the punch in the army's fist" we were there to do a job which with a few exceptions we did. Edted to add in my time I served with Infantry, a Household cavalry armoured regiment, The Royal Artillery, Royal Signals, RASC/RCT,and a couple of REME Workshops. Yes I must be a Walt but I was a professional.
  13. cheers for that. Ill go and grow up and try to be more like you. Obviously you've done it all and nothing has ever fazed you, nothing worth talking about anyway. Forums are for expressing opinions and so ill say thanks for the advice. Cant wait for your next golden nugget.
  14. Yeah, nice reply.

    Yes, things have fazed me, and annoyed me, but you crack on.

    Don't be like me, because you might actually act your age.

    If you dont like it, hand your bedding in, or rebadge as the REME have a hard enough job without carrying people like you.

    And I'm not REME.
  15. you are a nugget?