Why am I buying this kit as part of No2 dress

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by leonidas42, May 14, 2008.

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  1. I have been fuming for months now about this subject. After 2 years of the Royal Regiment of Scotland dress committee arrsing about, with what to wear in ceremonial dress. I and many others were under the impression that all the new kit would be issued. Note my surprise when I was asked to purchase a blue shirt, highland jersey and a Sam brown belt. I have just forked out £500 on the new mess kit. Well, no-one to blame but our selves for allowing a bunch of co*k sucking yes men to present their crap ideas to rich as fcuk, out of touch officers, who think that seniors and WOs have nothing better to spend our money on. :evil: :twisted:

    To clarify, I couldn't give a toss what the uniform looks like or what Bn it came from. :twisted:
  2. Looking at what PECOC are suggesting to replace No2 dress, that might be a good thing...
  3. PECOC is operational clothing

    Future Army Dress is the new Service Dress \ No2s

    Different programs

    Different teams

    Different pots of cash

    Not connected!
  4. Surely there should have been a moritorium on purchasing new service dress with the iminent arrival of issued service dress. Redress of grievance and ask for your costs back if I were you.
  5. :D im not as bad as i just manage to sneak in the less than five years to go bit so they can poke the mess dress, have been told to get the new jumper, we'll see :wink: havent been in that dress for at least two years anyway, if i do have to that will be the third variation of the same jumper :x same old people making money out of us, and some of them are meant to be on our side, pricks
  6. This is not very helpful. So whereas you bought it before (in which ever Regt you were in before the amalgamation) you should get if free now and it is all someone else's fault? If the officers had agreed the new stuff at the time of the amalgamation how would that have been different? Have you had the bolloc*s to take up this issue with the yes men that you so obviously despise?
  8. Surely if you're entitled to wear a 'blue' shirt (legacy of the RHF) to wear in SSO and an extra Sam Browne belt also for SSO you're either a WO1 or a commissioned officer. The official SCOTS pattern wooly pully was a legacy of the Royal Scots/KOSB.
    Are you saying that certain Royal Regiment of Scotland Battalions are disregarding dress regs and starting up their own idiosyncratic orders of dress?

    If you're not a former King's Own Scottish Borderer - your regiment voted for the large regiment and the dogs breakfast of a uniform!
  9. As it was pointed out to Officers I know in another amalgamated regiment who had to buy new kit, this is the reason they are given a tax free allowance on an annual basis under the title 'Uniform Upkeep Allowance' - that works out as just over £15 on my current pay slip... before flaming me about outlay remember the costs assume that the uniform will last more than one year.

  10. Buster, no, I'm not a WO1 or an Officer. WO2s and above are to wear the blue shirt and brown belt. I am not aware that any of the Bns are doing anything other than what they are told. I was just highlighting the fact of having to pay to wear a uniform that should be issued.

    Reference your bold, I would check again. I would assume that the Royals would not have been best pleased about the whole affair either. However my Bn has caused a bit of an uproar in the past 2 years, hopefully that has now been nullified. :wink:
  11. I have a pair of size 9 brown leather officer pattern shoes that are in excellent nick and a Sam Browne (plus loads of the other toss kit you have to buy as a WO1) if youre interested.
    Sorry but my puffy looking Cherry RAMC jumper has gone, I know youre disappointed as its such a lovely colour.
  12. Thank you soooo much. Sorry, we wear brogues I'm afraid. maybe you clould sell them on Ebay, as worn by Maj H Shipman SMO, whilst tip toeing round his TAOR. :wink:
  13. [quote="leonidas42]

    Thank you soooo much. Sorry, we wear brogues I'm afraid. maybe you clould sell them on Ebay, as worn by Maj H Shipman SMO, whilst tip toeing round his TAOR. :wink:[/quote]

    Like it.