Why all these pop ups

Can someone please help me with a very annoying problem. I have all my pop up blockers on and run Norton 360 on a Windows Vista, but I have pop ups coming up all the time.
Any help would be appreciated!




1: Norton. It's shit.
2: Vista. It's shit.
3: You. Stop clicking on every single link you see, every ad, every popup, every link on faceache/myspace/chavwanker/twatter.


1: Backup personal files, format hard drive and reinstall Windows.
2: Kill yourself for being a dullard.
You waited 5 years to make your first post!!!! Because pop-ups kept getting in the way?

Install Spybot and Adaware - the latest versions tell you that they're incompatible with each other, but I find that they still work.
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