Why all the moaning about IS Ops!!

There seems to be a lot of moaning about IS Ops (cones/geeks) out there!!!

As an IS Op I find this rather amusing - why?? Let me explain.. :lol:

Firstly, we have all come from trades within the Corps and in some cases from other Arms/Corps to fill a new trade. Remember, we had to be class 1 in our trade prior to attending the Apptitude/Foundation Courses.

Secondly, these individuals that some of you 'slate' are the same individuals you approach when you can't operate your mouse correctly or you want advice on which type of computer to purchase. Or better still, you want a computer built at a cost of zero!!

Lastly, as the trade is new and numbers small, the demand for personnel is high. IS Troop in 16 Signal Regt have between them completed 18 exercises this year alone (supporting other Divs also), sent individuals on tour to Bosnia, Kosovo, the Falklands and Op Telic 1. By mid November another 2 exercises will have been completed and then the majority of the troop will deploy on Op Telic 2 along with 16 Signal Regiment. This will leave a minimum amount of individuals to support the ARRC and all the exercises that take place for the majority of next year. 8O


For those of you that think we are all biffs, some of us represent your Corps in Sport.


IS Ski Geek

War Hero
Well said that man.

It's a quality trade, there is some good people in it and the vast majority work pretty damn hard as well as representing the corps.

Please let the whinging stop-!!!!!
Well said Jock and Ski Geek. I find most of the whinging about us is done by those who either havent got the drive to get themselves into the trade, those who are too far into their own carear to transfer, but mostly those who havent got the apptitude. These are usually the ones mouthing off about "fcuking Geeks" etc, but these are the first to be on your doorstep on a saturday morning because they have broken their machine or virused it up downloading porn on kazza. :evil:
If you guys are not supvrs already then you certainly have the right attitude to get there crack on and more power to your RAM chip :wink:

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