Just a question from a wannabe/gonnabe pilot:

Right first off, I have distinct dislike of any RAF types I've met in the past ( :mad:little too much 'I'am holier than thou' attitude :mad:) - All the AAC and FAA pilots seem to be dead on, and on the whole don't try to wipe me out when I'm flying around locally. (I'll be one of the studes in G-YT operating out of St. Angelo [EGAB], over Enniskillen for anyone who knows the call sign).

So before I commit to the RN or Army: what have you lot got to say for the job? Why did you pick the army over any other service & whats it been like while you were in?

Thanks in advance
good man yourself and what's the craic?

If you intend joining the army then join as a soldier and do ground jobs for a bit then apply to be a pilot.

That's certainly better than the other way of doing it which is join as an officer, go flying for a bit and then spend the rest of your career flicking paperclips across the room.

Wanna fly?  Join the navy - 'sides if you want to keep flying they will let you - in the Army they ask what part of OFFICEr don't you understand.

Don't get me wrong, the Army flying I did was brilliant (while it lasted) and I remember with fondness flying in Fermanagh past St Angelo (say hello to Terry),  but it's crap now.  Why else could it be that despite having 100% manning on Pilots in the Army (unlike the RN and RAF), they are 40% short of officers over 30?

..because the officers get to 30 and say bollocks to this, I'm off.

...ansd so am I!


and good luck.
shining eagles of mighty lynx power, big trousers and bovril, none in the navy now....you haven't seen me roight



"Don't get me wrong, the Army flying I did was brilliant" :-/

When were you ever Brilliant at Flying!!!!!!
Yeah, I agree, when was that CR? That time coming back from Ennisk? Wouldn't be the time in driving rain, vis zero and one wiper blade would it? Had to get home as it was the only 'S' cab. (Check your log book if you can find it, 9/4/99)!
This thread is clearly evolving into a history of bad flying over Enniskillen - starting to enjoy this, carry on... ;D


If looking to fly all over the world then go Navy.  Sad to admit it, but CR is right.  I know of about 4 guys that have transferred and are thoroughly enjoying it - most go Junglie, but there are Pingers and a Sea Harrier ex-AAC pilots as well.

It all boils down to do you want to be a pilot or get promoted and move on up the career ladder?  On the whole, Army officers and flying do not go together after JCSC/AJD....i.e. 30 ish.

Get on the shop floor and ask around - all 3 Services and make your own mind up.  At least then when you are sat in your trench, bobbing up and down or putting on your white socks you can only blame yourself!


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