Why a Sikh Regiment in our Army is NOT such a good idea


There is one big reason that a Sikh battalion would never happen, the cry of COLONIALIST would be so loud from every bleedin-heart in the UK and around the world we would never hear the end of it.
Sikhs sent food to feed the starving families of Kent miners in 84.

They seem like a good gang to me.

Now who was that silly little woman who caused all the trouble in 84 again ?

I think the Sikhs should, at the very least, have their own unit in the Catering Corps as they knock up some good nosh.


Somewhere in the middle this thread seems to have been completely sidetracked. It isn't a case of simply shooting the messengers, rather burying the pro's and con's under a huge bombardment.

Over a year ago I contacted the people responsible for the idea of a Sikh Regiment with a view to understanding where they were coming from and why. I might be wrong, but I'm not aware of anybody who has commented on this thread so far of having done this.

The discussions were relatively general (and post the initial refusal by The Govt to agree to the proposal). It was my fault (pressures of earning a crust etc) that the discussions did not become far more detailed.

My intent was to discover what was really possible in terms of recruits (a subject I'm a little bit passionate about as my previous posts will attest ad nauseam). I believe that rather more than the 700 quoted earlier (in the thread) was quite feasible, and that a realistic number from which to select future regeneration (to make up for the inevitable leavers) was sustainable (at least into the medium term - i.e. more than 5 years).

Having previously served with people of a Sikh background I was surprised but it was maintained that there was a general worry about racism and issues ref religious and/or cultural matters. This was apparently the reason why the recruits were not forthcoming from the community. Perhaps it is fair to say that most sons would be expected to do rather better than joining The Army (in financial terms).

These are entirely my own opinions and cannot be proven. I will not try to do so.

With regard to the thread, I am not aware of another "group" trying to do the same thing. Certainly many "groups" (if not most) appear publicly to be rather more reticent about service in HM Forces.

I believe that whether or not the concept is a good idea, the arguments for and against are not served by some apparently quite bizarre extrapolations and obfuscation by some posters.

The basic question surely is: The Army is x thousand short of recruits and the matter if not getting worse (??) is not getting better. How can we think outside the box to rectify this situation? A Sikh Regiment (if it can be manned) is one potential answer, and whether this is agreed with or not it is one potential answer to an existing problem.

Perhaps I ought to mention that I care not one jot what creed, race, sex or sexuality etc the people I serve with are as long as they are good soldiers and subsume their individual peccadillos to service of The Crown.

This thread should not be a rant for or against a particular creed or for personal vanity, but rather how we can successfully put over the message of what The Armed Forces are all about to areas that are under-represented in terms of recruits.

As for other groups, I cannot comment since I am not aware of any proposals from them. However if a group of Sikhs decided to join where I am I would be delighted to serve with them. No doubt I would learn a lot from them and I do believe they like an occasional drink. Well that's settled then!

Many apologies for treading on toes etc. That is what I believe and please don't go for a public argument I'm not interested.

Yours ever,



Both the Gurkhas and Sikhs should not be given automatic citizenship to the UK.

The non-allowance of the Gurkha last week for medical assistance should not also be allowed. he should receive the very best and allowed to return to Nepal.

They should be given their pensions in their lands of origin.

Equal pay ? Aye !


I can confirm that the Sikhs like a drink - Sikh weddings are mad affairs. Went to one a couple of years ago in Leeds where they gave you a bottle of spirits at the door of the reception to drink at your table, and beer on tap!
dunstaggin said:
Both the Gurkhas and Sikhs should not be given automatic citizenship to the UK.

Won't they already hold a British passport?