Why a 365 day year?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by the_fatman, Dec 9, 2007.

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  1. Perhaps I misunderstand.
    I think our salaries are supposed to be equivalent to those of regular soldiers.
    But I think our annual salary is divided by 365 to get our daily pay rate. However regulars get holidays and weekends off and bank holidays: about 90 days a year.
    So why are our slaries divided by 365, not by about 270 to acheive a fair pay rate?
    Anyone explain?
  2. Regulars do not get a daily rate of pay, we get 12 evenly divided pay packets (to prevent long and short months) I wish I had 90 days off! where was that duff info published?
  3. Since when?
  4. Wah?
    Because regulars get that time off paid as part of their salaries same as our civillian employers pay us for our holiday entitlement.
  5. You are a civvy arrse! my friend.
  6. I'm a regular who works 2 weeks on 2 weeks off, so only work 6 months a yr.

  7. Fatman I suggest you back out gracefully before you embarrass yourself and the TA any more than you already have.
  8. Becouse you get paid the days you work, and regulars get PAID Holidays when they can fit them in that is, same as you do in your full time job. Only differance is, you get all your holidays don't you?
  9. Fair enough rebel, the cat is out the bag, we admit that the lads in Iraqistan at the moment get every weekend off and sports afternoons to boot. They had to stop an attack on a Taliban position and withdraw some of the lads or could of snuck into the 90 days leave rule. :roll:
  10. It's an understandable point. My civvy job calculates a day's pay (part of the overtime calculation) as 1/260 of a year so at first glance, there appears a disparity with the Army's calculation.

    This comparison is relevant only if you try to compare military to civvy wages. The military daily rate can appear low, compared to civvy pay, but then the extra 105 days pay per year, which the civvy doesn't get, comes into play.

    For a regular soldier contemplating a civvy job, he should be looking at a 40% mark up on his daily pay rate to achieve equivalent annual earnings in civvy strasse. This calculation is less relevant these days as salary is more often quoted on an annual basis, but could be useful for some (generally casual) jobs such as some forms of security.

    There is a potential for a TA gripe, though. It could be argued that, to achieve parity with Regulars, a 15 day annual camp should include 4 days R&R. As this would restrict an already tight training schedule, additional pay in lieu of time off could be an alternative means to offset disparity.
  11. 1/260 is based on a 5 day week (i.e. You do not get paid weekends in your basic pay before overtime) and should in fact be 261 (365 - 104) while Army pay is calculated on 365 days becouse you are liable to work weekends and indeed holidays when needed without overtime or time off in lieu. So TA pay is also based on 1/365. Live with it.
  12. So, what you are saying is that everytime a Reg does a weekend duty, at the same time a Ta bod does training, he should get an additional payment. The TA get paid for the time that they spend in uniform with a vast majority doing a full time job Mon - Fri, so the TA pay is a second income, they're are lucky to be able to supplement their pay like this as well as enjoying doing spmething that they like doing, the Regs have one income and a piss poor one at that for the hrs they put in.
  13. Did you not read my post?

    I was expecting somebody to come up with "But what about the number of tours that Regulars do - no weekends off there!" To which my response would be "POTL."

    And let's not get emotional about pay. Army pay isn't all that bad, especially when you compare it against hours actually worked. A typical garrison or course week, excluding sports/PT (which other professions would require to be outside of work hours) probably comes to no more than 31 hours and, depending on occupation, could be significantly less.

    OK, there is the occasional requirement to work nights or weekends, but (unless this is a result of naughtiness) this is generally a remote possibility for the majority. Certain trades are, of course, excepted from this generalisation, but I'm sure that off-time is made up for somewhow. (What was that bit about 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off? - an example?)

    So no, a Regular shouldn't get paid extra for a weekend duty - he's already getting paid for it. But neither am I saying that Regulars should work every weekend.

    But with regard to my suggestion of 4 days R&R during Camp, can any Regular honestly claim to have worked every day of his service to date, excluding alternate Sundays? I think not, but this is pretty much the basis of the TA workload and therefore shows a disparity in the terms of service.
  14. If it urines you off that much...join up and stop playing at it! If not, my old saying shows itself again....Cry me a river DICK FACE!
  15. Blobmeister - presumably you were one of the small minority who joined the army because you failed the McDonalds interview.