WHU & other shite teams - for your pleasure....

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by PandaLOVE, Aug 31, 2008.

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  1. OK, we put 4 past Blackburn and are in a CL spot but that's about as rosey as it's going to be for the Hammers this season. The players and manager have already bought their skateboards for some rapid downhill stuff.

    Any other teams that are crap but pretending not to be post here. All Merseysiders welcome.

  2. By that I assume you just mean the blueshite? unless your totally stupid, the Red half have not lost a game yet.
    Not pretty football I'll grant you, but a win is a win all the same.
  3. what about when dyer & bowyer get on the pitch together once more :?: :?: :?: :?:

  4. I said ALL. Why do you think you're exempt?
  5. Probably because we dont sit around the middle to lower part of the league like your lot do, or we win more cups than anyone else, or our history is second to none, do i need to go on?
    Oh hang on, we have shite owners too, so I can see where your going with this :)
  6. Are you part of the Big 3? No. OK, no team has won as much as Liverpool but those days have gone. Get over it. This is just to do with shite teams in general from players throught to owners.

    Our Curbs will probably get the sack before Christmas but that's not fair when he's given no dosh to replace decent players who have left the club these past 2 seasons. So, we are shite like 18 other PL teams.
  7. BTW Gren, I'd take mid table any day.... I see the future.....
  8. I would love to continue this conversation, but you obviously have no idea about football or who are decent teams etc etc.
    Top 3? I was under the impression the top 4 were european places, and as we have figured in that side of the game so much, more so in recent times, 2 finals and one semi final in the last 4, not counting the FA cup (in which we beat you) EUFA super cup, community shield blah blah blah, how the hell can you pair LFC with the likes of WHU?

    I hope to god your a child who knows nothing and is just spouting because of your age.

    If not, then you need to start a topic on something you know a bit about, and not one where you are talking out of bitterness of never having got anywhere.
  9. chim chiminy chim chiminy chim chim charoo
    oh we hate the tossers in claret and blue

    At least you have on thing to be proud of PL - providing the rest of the PL with some fine players
  10. I bet you are a right laugh on the piss
  11. As a Red myself I will agree with Gren (even though we have been playing really really sh**e!), its results that count.

    As for crap teams, the one that springs to mind is ChavSki, they are not a team at all, just a bunch of over paid, underachieving tossers. Yes Roman 'bought' the premiership but when the chips are down the boys in blue (not talking about the toffee noses for once!) fall apart. I have never seen a grown man cry as much as JT, get a grip you knobber!
  12. I have my moments, but when people post shite like this, I have to point out the error of their ways.

    Thats rich coming from a chavksi supporter isnt it?

    You will be telling me chavski have a great history next :)

  13. :roll: :roll:

    And how much has Rafa spent.....think of all that by yourself or did you have help?
  14. we all have to start somewhere - 1955 was a great year :wink:
  15. :) :) nope all by myself, only me and the interpreter in the office and he doesnt count! :wink:

    Fair point DS, he has spent a lot, and mostly IMO, badly (Torres being the exception) but he has never been able to spend huge amounts on single world class players in the same way Chelsea have.

    Liverpool have been underachieving for the last two years at least and I think it may be time for a change at the top if we are ever to challenge for the title again.

    Oh and JT is still a cry baby :crying: