whts happens when u leave?


i was just wondering , when you leave the army dose the army pay for you to a civi course to get you on your feet ? .

becuase ive heard they do ,but just want to get if its true.

I'm confused as to what you're trying to join; the Army or a college.

Worry about getting out when it's your time to get out, not before you're even in yet.
Hi Luke,

The Army used to pay for Resettlement Training but due to Government propping up the Northern Rock & RBS it has now stopped as the Treasury could not justify it. The chairs in MoD Main Building ate all the budget.

You are now encouraged to try and take a few things with you. I took a Gazelle Engine, Eighteen 105mm Shells, a complete Field Kitchen, a Bedford 4 Tonner & a Tumble Dryer from Taxpax Towers. I plan to sell them all on eBay and pay for a Civi Course in Chick Sexing and get a job at a Bernard Matthews Poultry Farm in Norfolk.

My mate took a Tank Transporter as his leaving gift, painted it Red and does breakdown recovery on the M62.
Wait until you get there first, then decide.

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