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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Spook_44, Oct 18, 2007.

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  1. Sorry for the double posting (also on the SASC board), but can anyone asnwer this quick question for me?

    As an Infantry transferee to another corps with a Mortar Instructor qualification, RMQ 3 and an SA(B)(90) qualification, can I conduct rifle instruction and WHTs? Having recently completed WHTs on a number of other weapon systems recently, am I 'in date' for these too?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Does it not say on your RMQ certificate what you can and cant do?
    The TA way of doing it means we do the modules as separate courses, the first being SA(K)90, Combat Marksmanship Coaching Qualification. This qualifies the individual to conduct WHT's, but clearly states that the holder may not teach SAA.
    Our shooting team OiC did his RMQ while at regular Sandhurst, and he has no qualification to do WHT's.

  3. Neither of those qualifications allow you to conduct WHTs.
  4. Also, before I forget, have a look in Pam21, it lists all the appropriate qualifications, and what they allow you to do.
  5. I wouldn't be too sure about SA(B)90 not qualifying you. It would be shoite common sense, for a start.

    The Range Conducting Officer has to be allowed to determine what is and what is not to be considered as "safe weapon handling" on their range, by definition. Or they're a liability as an RCO.

    If they can be trusted to do it when real bullets are about, why can't they do it in a classroom with a checklist in front of them?
  6. CMCQ and/or SAA qualify you.
  7. SA(B)90 does not qualify you to conduct WHT, you may run purpose built ranges with it or butts/console IC.

    SA(K)90 CMCQ allows you to conduct WHT but not teach SAA.

    The only qual that will allow teaching SAA is the AASAA course or junior breacon.

    There is a very good reason for this as it is SASC instructors that sign you off as qualified, if the sh1t hits the fan on a range, then the board of enquiry will dig right to the bottom or top to see everything is in order.
  8. As ever, Pam 21 is the Bible.

    My mistake. I'd got memories of having both SA(B)90 and SA(K)90 and thought I had got them as a result of the same course.... (the old regular RMQ 1-3, with coaching included). I'd also never heard of someone having the range qualification without the coaching qualification. You learn something new every day...

    ...still, things were easier if not safer in the days before Crown Immunity disappeared, and CO's authority was a fairly common occurrence; I turned up at my range course having already run ranges over the previous year, which took away some of the SASC-induced nervousness...

    For real horror, like many of my generation and before, I had to instruct SAA as a UOTC OCdt; for our recruit platoon, at least both instructors were unit shooting team. My fellow Gravelbelly and I tossed a coin, he taught our platoon's blokes the SLR, I taught our platoon's women the SMG...