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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Spook_44, Oct 18, 2007.

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  1. A quick question for any SASC on here.

    As an Infantry transferee to another corps with a Mortar Instructor qualification, RMQ 3 and an SA(B)(90) qualification, can I conduct rifle instruction and WHTs? Having recently completed WHTs on a number of other weapon systems recently, am I 'in date' for these too?

    I'll also post this on the Infantry board.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi

    Im not SASC but to conduct a WHT you need to be Skill At Arms qualified. You can run ranges with your SA(B)90.
  3. I THINK you need SA(A)90 E (Skill at Arms) to instruct, unless there's an opt in obtained through your Mortar Instr qual.
  4. You can take WHT with SA(K)90 not SA(B)90. SA(B)90 is RMQ1-3, SA(K)90 is coaching, safety and WHT qual.

    You cannot 'teach' SAA with either of these quals, you need your AASAA qual or junior breacon equivelant.

    I stand to be corrected however.
  5. Exactly as above but in the 2007 Pam 21, the SA (K) (90) Qual has had the sentence deleted about being able to conduct a WHT. Certain Brigade Training Teams were not even teaching the 'Conduct of WHT' on the Combat Marksmanship Coaching Qualification (CMCQ) Course and some TA blokes were just granted the right without being formally taught.

    Support weapon blokes come on SCBC and AA SAA all the time to get 'dual qualified' so they can teach/WHT small arms.

    If they have just done the (B) qual i.e. 2 week RMQ course, im afraid it's plan, conduct and supervise on static ranges only.
  6. On another note, I have CMCQ and SAA but not RMQ (being TA). I wish now to do RMQ but the application says I must have either WHT or SAA in the previous two years. Well, my CMCQ was in 1999 and SAA (of which CMCQ was included) was 2003. Why the two years? Surely coaching doesn't change and I am pretty sure the Marksmanship principles haven't since 2003.
    Could anyone elaborate as to why this period is so, and am I going to have to take the CMCQ for a third time to enable me to get on the RMQ course?