Probably not the internet, for a start. According to your previous posts you're an infantryman of six years experience and currently a Rfn in 1 RIFLES, so you shouldn't be short of people to ask.
Failing the above posted help, you could always go to the Training Wing within your Unit OR any of your LCpls that have done Jnr Brecon and passed.
most of the battalion are away at the moment fellers on potl, im currentley on rear party and on a nco cadre next month, i would ask a few cpls but most are either not brecon trained or either doing rmat tasks so people are everywhere at the moment.
You surely must have a set of PAMs close to hand? Company offices?
nah training wing is closed down at the moment because there getting ready for the cadre, and the only coy office which is open is HQ coy, and they dont stock them in there, i asked them today mate.
Pm me your details(email) matey and I'll see what I can do.
devilish said:
Pm me your details(email) matey and I'll see what I can do.
You don't have to email him devilish.

He has the link above. If he copies it down, and puts it in to a works computer (where it will work) he will get the info he needs.
Even if your HQ Coy stores does not hold the relevant PAMs, then surely the keys to the relevant store can be drawn by the snco ic of rear party.


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In Belfast in the 1972 we were issued the L42A1 sniper rifle, but no pamplet. It was a weekend, so I rang the School of Infantry warminster hoping to speak to a keen weekend guard commander who I could induce to send me one. I got no replies to several numbers and tried a few more; the phone was eventually answered. : "Hello director of Infantry!" The General himself! I appologised to him and was about to put the phone down when he stopped me and asked what I wanted. I told him a sniper pamplet. He replied "give me your address and unit." I did, and I got the pamphlet a few days later with a compliment slip from the General with 'Happy hunting, keep your head down.'
He may have found them since posting his requestin '09
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