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I'll soon be off to Catterick for CIC and I'm slightly anxious about the WHT's that happen on arrival, I've heard that some have been sent straight back home for failing WHT's, although I've only recently passed a WHT I'm getting a bit annoyed at getting told one way on a drill night and one way by the DS on a training weekend so I just wandered if anyone could PM or point me the right direction for some actual course document, we have been promised hand outs but never got nowt.

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IF...and only IF you have completed a CMS(R). Then you have nothing to worry about with regards to the WHT, unless your pants...in which case, expect to be slapped and made to pay for beer's until you do pass...

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They should do a Demo & practise lesson with you first. They should also give you a couple of goes at it to allow you a second chance.
Having completed phase 1 your weapon handling should be of a high enough standard to pass at CIC. If you carry out the drills correctly and do not flap then you will pass. The criteria for WHT's can be found in MATT1 page 67 on the following link. http://www.army.mod.uk/servingsoldier/matt_wip_.htm
However if you fail don't gob off that your instructor told you something different :D


Depends on where you did yourWHTs, if at a RTC the,if they are following the programme from land, you should have passed 2 by now & they will have been recorded in your paperwork that accompanies you to CIC.

Mind you if they are anything like us, they don't trust the paperwork & willget you to pass another one, which is what it sounds like.
yater_spoon said:
Having completed phase 1 your weapon handling should be of a high enough standard to pass at CIC.
Unfortunately this is NOT the case. Having spent a bit of time with my RTC there are some severe gaps in training from Part 1 to Part 2 (CIC).

This is mainly due to Part 1 being directed by a desk jocky at LAND and CIC is directeded by DInf.


Apparently a WHT is the very first thing they get you to do at Catterick now and if you fcuk it up they send you packing, seems fair enough :)

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