Whose the biggest *******!!!!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by OOMPALOOMPA, Jul 25, 2005.

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  1. Looking at all the managerial roles, whose the biggest out of FofS, YofS and IS Sup's????
  2. YofS and FofS work together well but both wonder what the IS Sup does???????????

    IS are people who have failed all the other exams and have sat in their rooms at night rebooting or reconfiguring their PC after there original trade was canned....
  3. i have heard that a yofs is a cpl with a course! meow , saucer of milk for me!
  4. and that a fofs is still a tech! pah pah - i hate that word tech!
  5. Where i work, the Foreman definately eats all the pies :wink:

  6. it's quite obvious the answer to the question is slopey shoulders
  7. How many minutes long is the IS Supvr course at the moment?
  8. Ah dont you just love Bitterness.
  9. Nope, thats definately a FofS. We all know they get their rank from the Christmas crackers each year. LOL.

    Bring it on......... :lol:
  10. Take a look at the average Signal Regiment !

    The Regt FofS tends to sit in TM Tp, writing CRs for the first time in his career and signing bits of paperwork. Managing a hatfull of nerds, having sports afternoons and wondering what exactly his role in the Regt is.

    The IS geezer will be sat in a darkened room trying to sort out various peoples home computers, burning illegal software, watching funny clips and porn off the internet. Main role being to make sure the menu cards and seating plan for the Mess actually print out on the sh@t printer in time.

    The Regt YofS however is in Regt Ops using his vastly superior skills and personality to pull everything the Regt is tasked with together and making it all work.

    The originator of the post was perhaps a little remiss not to include the RD side of life in this - - - -

    Whilst this is all going on the RSM is in the Mess having Tea and Toast wondering how to introduce more splashes of Corps colours into RHQ without getting the Changing Rooms team in.
  11. It depends what the ******* stands for doesn't it?
  12. You missed out the very worst of them all....the Supervisor(Radio)...they should all be locked up in a small room with a radio to supervise and not let anywhere near soldiers
  13. Well Done Yosser all hail the Mafiosa.

    Ps why have the IS geeks suddenly got our badge of power and joining our conventions???????????????????

    They are easy to spot with their pale skin and red eyes bluetoothing each other in the bar and talking cat v.
  14. YOSSER - Quality post. Just how I view things. Wouldn't think to tempt the RDs into battle though. Not necessarily a good move - quit while you're winning!!
  15. *anker*!!!!!!!!!