whose got the biggest bogans ??

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Bertrand Cadart, the mayor of Triabunna a small town in Tasmania ( some place on Digger land) has upset the locals by describing them as Bogans and saying they live in an ugly spot, not sure if he means triabunna or tasmania as a whole
Now Bertrand is an Ex French marine and also starred in Mad Max, hes an all round decent geezer I am told by my digger mates
funny thing is a new reality programme Bogan Hunters said that they had selected 7 of the biggest bogans in Australia and four were From tasmania


I have been watching bogan hunters on you tube

the new series

What is a Bogan and how can you be the biggest?
Heres one.


Joshua Slocum

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What is a Bogan and how can you be the biggest?

according to my friend who lives down that way, its there version of a chav
however they have significant trends to help you ID them
reading material is only Bacon Busters, devoted to the shotting and gutting of wild boars, centre page usually has one fugly muscly lardy female type holding a freshly killed and filleted wild boar 9 they have more boar than humans)


old utes
massive trucks
tiny dirty shacks with fridges full of beer out front and lots of dogs for boar killing, also a large barn on the side with the RV, ute, lorry, quad bikes, jetskis, powerboat, and helicopter
dirty shirts
drink beer
dental plan non existant
language minimal mainly grunts and odd hand signals
they have there own TV channel on you tube
I wont even spell it out
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not just western Australia, go into Australian town more than 50 kms from the coast ,you will find tribes of them everywhere, favourite bogan hangouts,1.the salvo,s on food voucher day and the edge of town BottleO,8)
What is a Bogan and how can you be the biggest?

Roz Rowen is a Griffith University academic studying the origins of the term bogan, and while it might be a stretch to believe, she says the origin of the word has its roots in the verses of Banjo Paterson's poetry.

"If we go way, way back, Banjo Paterson first used it in his poems. We've got the town Bogan and the Bogan River and that's [how] a lot of his poems used the word," she said. "It’s undergone this evolution since then."

Forget the bevans and the westies, Ms Rowen says the word bogan has expanded to become an all-encompassing term, rather than the "pigeon-holed stereotypical definition" once used.

"It used to be Commodore-driving, flannelette-wearing, mullet-donning person but now it can be anything," she said. "It can be Southern Cross tattoo-wearing, cigarette-smoking ... it's very broad."

"It's about the way people act and behave. A bogan acts out of context to the stereotypically good person. They're a bit rough around the edges ... they're quite vulgar in their language ... they look different to other people."

I qualify (apparently)