Whose face would you seriously like to punch?

Any of the flurry of cunts who use the word “myself” when “me” is perfectly adequate
And the ones who literally use “literally” when there’s literally no need
Can I add David Cameron? The ******* waster!
Cameron, Osbourne, and Clegg one behind the other, without spaces. Just punch the one in the front and they fall like dominoes. I mean if you can only punch one face....

Has anyone mentioned Julian Assange? In fairness his face is not made for punching, more for hitting with a Cricket Bat.
Comrades Corbyn, McDonnall and their Momentumite Fakirs....
The local WI lady offering to put dogshit through a miscreants letter box reminded me that the missus having complained to hell and gone about a local business mans dog crapping in her garden scooped it up on a coal shovel went up to his office and dumped it on his desk. Bigger balls than me by a long way.
Corbyn or Farage reign in tops. If the gerry adams face comes up I would shoot it.
Pretty much all of the people alread mentioned in this thread...

...and an extra one for Eddie Redmayne for.... well just because.... I forked out for the Fabulous Beasts DVD because my wife had been told it was a great film... was it f*ck and his performance was effing dismal.
Anyone who describes themselves as binary, gender fluid or mentions they don’t use pro words to describe people....

And Blair and if I had a time machine his parents and grandparents
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