Whose deaths are the most important ?

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Here are 28.

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Here are 11

Anthony Derek Swindells - murder - 1999 - Anthony Derek Swindells

Here is 1

And there was one child death in London as a patient in post operative life support. died when a Kent manufactured and serviced hospital backup generator system first cut mains power off the hospital (Auto switching fault) then failed to supply emergency power.

And one suicide verdict (wife of an arrested TA paramilitary whose associate used false Army service records to gain security employ at Deal Barracks) that HM Coroner was asking Kent Police to re=examine.

The EU had called for inquiry in 1990. HM Coroner had called for inquiry. Kent Police Authority called for inquiry and report.

But Kent Chief constable, at the time in 97 his force busying itself with the Lawrence inquiry, refused to comply.

Then Sir Ronnie Flanagan wanted to know if Jack Straw would compel the inquiry and report. When Straw said no (1999) Kent Chief constable was sent home off the Rosemary Nelson murder case in Ulster.

42 deaths. Do not merit proper inquiry according to Kent Chief constable and Jack Straw.

Det Chief Supt Biddiss retired. He phoned me a while back. And it became clear how much was concealed from him during his inquiry into the murder of Ken Speakman. Indeed Mr Biddiss then chose to send a report of concern to Kent Police Professional Standards.

What is it that makes deaths like Stephen Lawrence, Rosemary Nelson and Pat Finucane politically so much more deserving of proper inquiry than other deaths ?

Black victim. Human Rights lawyer victim.

When Mr Swindells (Ex French Foreign Legion) was interviewed by police he said that the killer was a man called Tomlinson known as Tombs. Checking whether this associate was an invention to concoct a defence Kent Police told the court they had checked out every Tomlinson and Tombs in the UK.

Mr Biddiss realized, during our phone exchange, that they had not checked out Malcolm John Tombs of the Professional Bodyguards Assn. The routine comprehensive inquiries Kent Police told the court they had made.

Tombs, probably by coincidence, exactly matches the description of a man who assaulted Cllr Margaret Mortlock on her doorstep in 1996. An assault which Mr Swindells in custody admitted to. Lo and behold no one told the murder inquiry that the arrested man had proffered a confession to the paramilitary assault on 80 year old Margaret Mortlock.

And where was Mr Swindells arrested ? Near the 6th Thanet Gun range whose firing point neighbour was leader of council Bill Leadbeater. Again Mr Biddiss saw no significance. "Bill is Mrs Mortlock's son" I told him. If he had already assaulted the mother what was he doing at the son's house.

Mr Biddiss had only recently commented to the press how other police undermined his inquiries into the road rage killing by Kenny Noye.

Seems like it happened in his inquiries into the murder of Ken Speakman too.

Who were the coppers who used 6th Thanet Gun Range ? Doesn't merit inquiry eh ?

Who were the coppers nicking evidence at the Deal Barracks bombing scene ? Doesn't merit inquiry eh ?

Who were the coppers underming Ch Supt Biddiss inquiries ? Doesn't merit inquiry eh ?

But one hearsay blab from a purported undercover officer told to smear Doreen Lawrence ? outrage must have a public inquiry.
BB, for the sake of what's left of your sanity, please stop drinking Brasso before breakfast. Gone on, you know that it makes sense... unlike your posts!
Leave him alone. Kent police are cheek by jowl with the met. During the time to which he refers they were mostly bent as three bob bits. Fascinating to see the News International luminaries who furthered their careers over the same period. Not that I'm suggesting that any of them were bent. No sir.

...the Requisite Securities Against the Abuse of Power, Are Not Found In Any of the Simple Forms of Government.


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I like bananas, I really do. But it's geting to the stage that I can't look at one of these nutritious, vitamin and potassiuim packed yellow curve of goodness without thinking of Kent Police.

Can I sue?
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