whos your money on

Discussion in 'RLC' started by superdriver, May 1, 2008.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/humber/7375868.stm

    without being at all racist

    2 grand stolen apparantly

    commonwealth evens
    uk soldiers 3/1
    inside job 18/1
    someone wanting to get to army navy 22/1
    the bedding storman 50/1
    MD course 66/1
    civvies 100/1
    the old bloke whos stamped cards in the cookhouse for 50 years 1000/1

    any more takers

    the bedding storman 50/1
  2. The bloke who had the Greasy Joe van outside Hangar 1 and on the trg area (who's name escapes me) now DST's gone PAYD.
  3. You can rule out the WOs and Sgts mess.

    They don't need to with the amount of scams going on.

  4. good call
  5. Just found out it was considerably MORE than 2000 squids that was taken.

    I'm putting my money on it being an inside job, probably someone working for Londis as they knew when such a LARGE amount of money would be in situ.
  6. Arty was the bloke who ran the scran van. :hungry:

    My money is on it being an inside job and I don't mean anyone in green. From what I've heard, old bill was summoned by the Londis staff before the Guard Room was alerted! So whoever made away with the swag will have been long gone before all exits were secured. Fcukin' nuggets!
  7. 2g's, just goes to show how much that shop rips you off
  8. Yup, and probably has close links with Londis! :wink:
  9. Racist bastard. Where are getting this from - your local BNP office? You going to apologise now it has been identified as a 52 yr old woman from Beverley.

  10. f uck off
  11. A man with razor wit and literary ability presents his erudite response.
  12. Sorry, I meant f uck off clown
  13. What's the odds on the woman who suffered 'minor injuries' is also a 52 year old woman from Beverley?
  14. Well done. You should be in the SIB