Whos yer favourite Spice Girl

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by redpants, Jan 19, 2008.

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  1. Mel B (Scary)

  2. Emma (Baby)

  3. Geri (Ginger)

  4. Victoria (Posh)

  5. Mel C (Sporty)

  6. WILDCARD OPTION 1: Denise van Outen

  7. WILDCARD OPTION 2: Amy Winehouse

  8. None of the above (Please explain)

  1. Of course the Spice Girls are doing it for the fans. Not the money, nooooo.

    So here's your opportunity to vote for your favourite Spice, I mean the one you actually like. Surely there's one out of five?

    Discussion welcome, but try to be more imaginative boys than the usual "I'd bang her back doors in....." please!

  2. Mel C, when she's fit and slim, and she has lezzer leanings, so she can bring a friend or two along :p
  3. The dead one
  4. Ginger Spice gets my vote, the little Gwar Minx that she is.
  5. I'll go for the other option them and say...me! I cant sing, I cant dance, Im a bit of a divvy. Surely that counts? Am I in?
  6. Emma Bunton, without a doubt.

    She has that look about her, you know the one....

    it says, "i might pretend to be cute and demure, but i actually bang like a freight train and scream like a murder victim"

    I most definately would....

  7. My favourite is the one whose piccy I'm splashing man fat over at the time!

    I must confess to having a slight leaning towards the gwar. Definitely improved with age (and the loss of a 'few' kilos didn't do her any harm!).

    ...her and the dyke!

    I'd like to kidnap Posh and hold her for ransom then give her back for fcuk all cos that's what she's good for.

    Scarey scares me but Baby Emma'd get it, if there was nothing on the telly, the pub was closed and I was feeling too idle to have a wnak!
  8. Oh yes indeedeeeee.

    Soapy tit wank her while her girlfriend exercises her slice.

  9. I wouldnt mind
    Any would do,and I would be doing it for the money. Some people would feel sullied and cheapened by that sentiment,but im sure such a high moral standpoint isnt going to be mentioned in here.
    Lets face it,even skeletal spice would be worth a jump,if only to have her picture blown up to poster size,as she looks up at you from a kneeling stance....I wonder if she would swallow that,or scoot off and barf immediately
  10. the first one that ends up dead.
  11. from the neck up... Victoria Beckham
  12. Great minds think alike, although I wouldn't mind shagging any of them except Posh!
  13. I'll drink to that . . . . :wink:
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I vote for the little Vietnamese bint that was napalmed by the septics, at least she wasnt miming and it wasnt scripted!