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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by old_n_fat, Mar 13, 2009.

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  1. I shouldn't worry too much about it. The very fact that it's a UK gobment scheme means it'll never get off the ground.

  2. Does this mean they actually care for us all?

    I know there is the old chestnut, "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about"!

    However, with this government, who will THEY SELL this information too and how many copies of the data track will be lost or stolen?
  3. In this case i do have things to hide. If a scrote applies pressure to the right person he will be provided with a list of empty houses owned by people who
    a, can afford to go abroad
    b, will be out of town for a while
    c, will in all likelihood have stuff to nick
  4. Redistribution of wealth!

    Since the government is broke, they just give a list of people who are away to the pikeys in lieu of dole money. Pikeys break in and take all the TV/PC to sell and everyone is happy! Well... the law abiding citizen get shafted, but who cares about him?
  5. I hope said Pikey's don't mind TWO sets of Boxer Fangs in their arses and a baseball bat in their face!

    This shower of sh1te in Whitehall can't keep bugger all safe and when they cock up they pay them off with a big FAT pension . . . :x
  6. Its okay folks. Its all a big mistake. The Borders Agency have just put their ten year plan on the projector upside down.

    Surely they wouldn't be putting tighter controls in place to stop people LEAVING the country when people can get IN to the country easier than a fat bird gets into McDonalds.

    It will all come out in the wash when they realise the mistake.

    Move and Big Brother will punch you in the face... Dead hard!
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    "So, Abdul, we see you've booked a flight to Afghanistan. Please tell us your travel plans . . . ."

    "Well, I'm goin there to visit my grandmother on my father's side"

    "and when do you plan to return?"

    "er, can I get back to you on that?"
  8. For those who spend their time gorging on jellied eels and doing the Lambeth walk, this might be of more concern...

  9. It's all part of Brown's master plan for complete State Control.

    And contrary to all that they claim, it's got feck all to do with preventing terrorism and more to do with keeping tabs on us law abiding UK citizens.

    I always thought that the idea of Europe was for free trade and movement, so if Heir Brown continues to instigate these authoritarian policies then maybe the people of the UK will be able to take these imposed restrictions on that freedom to one of the European courts of human rights and put forward a case of discrimination.

    The most scary thing is that the majority of the population of this shite country is to fcuking thick to see what is happening.
  10. It's not this 'initiative' that should be worrying, but the next one. The one where the Government insist that you obtain permission to leave the country.
  11. That's the way that it's going, but the population is to much in the pocket of the Labour Government to do anything about voting them out of power. These people [government] aren't fit to govern us.
  12. .........and have you left your details of a forwarding address with the DSS so your welfare benefits can be paid to you whilst you are in Afghanistan?.
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  14. Reading the Telegraph report in some datail,there are some issues,

    1 Credit card details,we all know how useless the govt is at keeping data safe,but say some bent civil servant decides to sell these details to some fraudster in,say Nigeria?.

    2 Home addresses,as someone pointed out above,this could lead to break-ins.

    3 Hidden agenda,what if,A this is to be used to raise further taxes to deter"global warming" by travellers,or B more onminously lead to an exit visa system being implimented,so Labour have complete control over your travel?.This could be implimented by stating firstly 24 hours notice must be given of any intent to travel,then to,say 72 hours,then start to refuse requests.Of course,exepct an application fee to be introduced.