Who's watch does Mickey Mouse Wear ?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Bond_James_Bond, Jan 18, 2002.

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  1. Who's watch does Mickey Mouse wear ?

    What's your vote ?  Mine would be the School of Log.


    Have you noticed that William Hague has started working there recently ?
  2. But what a top run ashore! don't you think?
  3. Sch of Bog can't even touch 3 CS Regt.  When it comes to writing exercises and running the Regt, the RHQ shows all the understanding of a fart in a trance.  

    And Maj_Blink, top run ashore, you need to get out more mate.  Its more inbread down there than East Anglia.  Yo, give me six!
  4. I've written to Disney on this subject and aparently Mickey Mouse wears a Welsh Rugby Union watch this never fails to get a laugh from other disney characters.

    Just goes to show that even they see what a joke the WRU has become.


  5. WRU? What about the RNU.....come on 4th May!
  6. Must be purely coincidence that ROW Coy is disbanded the same year as Disney celebrating large Walt's 100th!!!
  7. Camberley is an excellent night out.  Top totty at the week end, 80p a drink and some real monSTARS at JBs on Wednesday.  Theres also not a buoffont, blue blazer or Rocco tie in sight; no wonder theres a 3 mile exculsion zone.
  8. Nevermind WRU - Cymru will, at least, be in the Euro 04 championships!

    Ich Dien!
  9. Michael Jackson wears a Micky Mouse watch..

    Cos its Bed Time when the Big Hand touches the Little hand.

    But seriously.. my vote goes for ATRA (mainly Leconfield) -   The only problem is that they are too busy selling the flipping things making money on foreigners and corporate holidayers, to be of any use to the poor gits who have to wear them..
  10. ATRA - onlt intrested in income generation.   It must be a pain in the arse for them occasionally to run courses for the British military.
  11. Have at look at the ATRA Cses run by the Army School of Ammunition - they are running so many income generating cses that they cannot train enough Brit Mil personnel.

    I doubt ATRA would wear just one watch - they would have an entire arm of knocked off copies with a load more on the inside of their jackets. Bunch of Del Boys, Spiv, robbing b*****ds. :x
  12. JBs in camberley is now called 'Envy'. still shite but with 2 dance floors.

    Mickey Mouse would wear a Combat Med Tech watch (but only when hes putting up tents and painting boxes. :twisted: :twisted:

  13. It would have to be digital, they get confused with the big hand little hand thing. :twisted: :twisted:
  14. Somebody would have to set it for them though :twisted: