Whos this tw@t

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by tally_target, Aug 25, 2012.

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  1. Who the hell is this big timing tw@t ?

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  2. Someone from the REME?
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  3. The uniform isnt working though, even that chap behing him wearing hieroglyphics dictionary seems to have pulled. Unless of course she is translating something.
  4. What a ****, flat cap wearing crow ****
  5. Where did you pull the pic from?
  6. Why is this in the scaleys forum when he is clearly REME. Doesn't mean he's not a flat cap wearing twat though.

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  7. Loving the jazz hands.
  8. Maybe it started as an innocent drink in the Sqn bar.
    "No John, if I have a 3rd can of Stella there'll be a time warp and I'll be dancing in Liquids in my FAD"
  9. To my Scaley amigos, sorry , I didnt have a good look. It is (as pointed out a few times) a REME big timing cnut . You have to agree he is still a cnut though.
  10. Not FAD
  11. extREME
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  12. FAD shirt and tie though. So not only a ****, but a mixed dress wearing ****. He needs babooning
  13. Cheers Boring, maybe it's not a liquids nightclub too and maybe he wasn't drinking Stella
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  14. If he was 216 he'd have his right shoulder thrust toward the camera..

  15. It's off the vip iam website. So he must be in hip and trendy night club somewhere. Might have strict dress policy?