Whos the ugliest bird in the Corps?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Raddish, Apr 25, 2005.

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  1. ok i think the ugliest bird is in 21sr goes by the name of gorgeous george also known as dribbler can you beat that??
  2. yeah rad totally agree but there was an RP at 11 sr name sounded like fannets he was minging!!!
    also does anyone remember emma trout and olive fm 7 sigs proper horrors dont get em like that anymore!!!!
  3. hard to beat although there was guy in ireland so ugly he ended up with a burns victim talking to him in portsmouth we think he thought he'd found one of his own
  4. Blandford '97ish there was a bird who went by the name of Angel.... she was not. Also who remebers Charlies Angles? My spelling is deliberate, however the tatooist's was not :!:
  5. Didn't Angel marry a reelay op, cos you know bad the girls in Blandford are!

    Reelay your right about the RP bloke or bird?
  6. There was this chick going through blandford 99 who we use to call "Mummrah" (as in thundercats!) and her friend who use to be refered to as "sloth from the Goonies"

    ring any bells!!!

    They probably still got more sex then i did when i was there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    regards!!!! mollzers!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. You boys should count yourselves lucky. Compared to other FLCs, Regts and Corps you don't do too badly really. I mean just look at the Navy
  8. mollzers cant believe that all the hippo-croca-pigs in blandford and you never pulled.

    How about the girls in the g spot, come on fella get a grip

  9. I remember them both well - was great pals with Olive for a while, last I heard she'd got married (again)
  10. any one remember the shot putter from 2sr related to fred west. possible shit shag h from 30 sr and his pizza exploit.
  11. Yeah but no but yeah but

    It might have been a blessing in disguise!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I may have caught some strange strain of an STD and been proper f@cked!!! I do get realy p1ssed and could have ended up with all manner of strange minging stink pigs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    However 'they' do say that Army women are like toilet seats!!

    Nice, warm and comfy, but you cant help thinking who's been there before you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. raddish ,reelaay you two fukckers . honestly there are no ugly birds they are all lovely see say hello to sails
  13. Carpets why???

    You know you like big sails!!!!

    With your little nail, you need that gut to slam it in

    Reelay what do you think?
  14. funkin right radish anyway we are getting away from the point the mingers inthe corps need highlighting not only for the personal pleasure of me and my memories but for the future of the corps!