whos the hottest man in the corps?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by sigschick, Mar 28, 2006.

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  1. keep seeing all the threads for hottest and ugliest chicks in the corps so thought ild give us girlies a chance to voice our thoughts on whos hot and whos not!!!

    i will start with the young uns first for me has to be DOTTY a tech at 7 sigs yum yum

    middle has to be lee c******g blandford mtwo

    old well scottie s*****s

    thought ild name as its a compliment to be thought of as hot by someone :)

    ***No Names***
  2. 'Smudge' - techie from 14 Sigs. Made Telic 5 bearable, hehe! 'Sparky' from the TA as well :D
  3. I'll let you know next week!!!!
  4. isnt g***** h******n at 14 sigs (hes a tech and may have been in the Beatles) hes is just such a nice guy would want to take him home to meet your mum!!!

    shame u never go for the nice ones, like mine tall dark and a little bit mean (never makes for a easy life!!!)

    ***No Names***
  5. I bet mine's the "dog's"!!! :) But I won't meet him in the flesh till next week. :wink:
  6. ok no more names will b a good girl!!

    so bovvie u not met him b4 then? how did u get chatting then well i presume u have been chatting? god what if hes a minger?
  7. Hey, sigschick, yeah names is not good. We've been chatting online for about 6 months. Gonna meet next week. I've seen pics. He is the dog's b£ll%x ... and very funny.
  8. Is that Smudge Smith?
  9. Oi mong! Is that your best at persec?
  10. someone who is hot? , well about 20litres of benz poured over you and a naked flame usually do the trick!
  11. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

  12. I used to be but then I left................yeh right!!! lol
  13. Apart from Mr Ice, of course!

    I did have a penchant for Capt K*** J****s. I found myself leaning out of my office just to watch him walk down the corridor........... :lol: That was until he got promoted and then posted away. :cry:
  14. I am the hottest guy in the Corps. It's true ask anyone! Especially my mum, she said I was the coolest guy in school... How right she was

    CTU Warminster
  15. How about Lt Col X from &! signal regt? left his wife for one of his female Sqn Leaders - does that make him a hottie?