Who's the daddy?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by stian, Jan 12, 2002.

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  1. OK guys, for a potential Army Cavalry 'Orificer' (such as myself), what offers the best career?

    i- Sneaking around in a Recce troop
    ii- Blowing stuff up in a MBT

    If so, considering that I don't want to join any old rif-raf, which is the best armoured regiment in the Army?

    Answers on a postcard please...
  2. I've FOO'd for a few, and my fave was the Scots DG.   I did some hard labour with N Squadron in Bosnia and always had a laugh.

    Bloddy nice blokes.  I hope your not Scottish - if you are you have no chance at getting in.

    (KRH-just brown hatters)
  3. If you want to rely on 1950's kit that's armour wouldn't stop bad language join RECON!

    If you want a chance to live and shoot big guns join the Gunners.

    If you want to drive around in 70 tons of armour, with the BV boiling at your beck and call, join an Armoured Regt.

    But which one - Cav or Tankies. Cav were around longer but were still troting around polishing their leathers when the RTR were slotting Krauts in tanks.

    Choice is yours
  4. Plus you have to be a MASON to be in the Scots DG
  5. Plus you have to be a MASON to be in the Scots DG
  6. Orderly_Officer

    Got a stutter ?
  7. Espousing the "People's Cav" OO?

    When considering which Umpty-umph Queen's Own Chinless Wedgiment of Horse to join, take a peek-a-boo at the members of the proletariat who couldn't afford the school fees necessary to join said Wedgiment and joined the AAC instead. When looking at the AAC consider the damage that a single TOW can do to a piece of armour and ask yourself the question "Do I really want to go out in a steel flame and shrapnel encased coffin on tracks?" If the answer is "yes" and you have the private income/land/servants then more power to you.

    Not knocking the cav (OK, I am, but it would be rude not to), but look around at what else is on offer first and then if you still want to join the "Wedgiment" then you can sign on the dotted line in the full knowledge that you are making the right decision.

    You make no mention of your age or quals, but if you are heading off to university then join the OTC and opt for the RAC sub-unit in your 2nd year and ask for an attachment to a regiment and see for yourself.
  8. You forgot to mention with regards to AAC, filmstar wages and TOW? Are you taking the piss? Plus they take people from comprehensive skools. Beats working for a living.
    Although, having said that if you want to fly, you'd best join something else first as you have more chance of being blinkered into thinking you having a flying career for life, or would that be three years if your lucky. :-/
  9. The Daddy in question is a twisted firestarter, something instigator - THE BEAST.  All must worship at her altar of armoured bliss.  Marvel at her potency and enjoy her ever flowing fountain of brew.  Ride with the wind in your hair and the growling demons of beelzebub strapped under your back decks.
    Recoil in delight at her fearsome weapon and SERVE.

  10. Lets not mess around guys - there is only one Daddy on the modern battlefield.  You know its so.....

    Think 30mm cannon, hellfire missiles, CRV 7 rockets and a radar that kills everything from 8km away.

    Tanks - pah, at least you'll be able to have a brew on your way to die! Oh and get covered in oil.
  11. One struggles to comprehend what marvellous weapon system is being described above...  however, I guess it will need a range of considerably more than 8km for it to have any sort of combat effectiveness whilst parked in Middle Wallop.  I am also less than convinced it will still be considered to neigh-invunerable to threat by 2050, the likely date we manage to get a squadron of them buzzing about.
    Other than that, a fool proof argument!
  12. Good points Capt A but lets be honest as an Army we major in producing weapons a good 10-15 years after they should have been brought in. Mind you we normally make up for it by making them last 20-30 years after they should have been retired! Any that we do bring in normally have some major flaw that renders them pretty ineffective just in case we wanted to use them....
    As for the AH, now that the sim is up, training is underway. First QHIs by end of the year, first pilots by mid 2003 and first Sqn combat ready by mid 2004..... maybe!
  13. AAC gloryfied taxi service.
    Always the answer be a Queen's Royal Lancer!!! ;D
  14. Cav bloke, who gives a stuff what we are! Do you have a fold out tab on your pay statement? 8)

    My add pay bought me half of Hampshire don't you know! ;D
  15. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha nice one Flash

    Token Cav,  Queens Royal Lancers arent they some form of posh medics?