Whos the Brit with McChrystal?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by SwissBob, Mar 12, 2010.

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  1. I'd be more concerned why McChrystal thinks he can say Brits are scruffy, when he doesn't tuck his 'shirt' in :desertsoldier:
  2. Did he say that?
  3. Also has the Brit colonel got two Osprey plates down that bad-boy or are my eyes playing up? It looks about 3 inches thick!
  4. The way he's standing he looks like he's about to fart and is afraid of following through
  5. Was DS at Shriv. Clearly not going to name him!
  6. Er, I hardly think he's shy. It's not like he was unaware of the international press present,
  7. I should say that I'm not actually asking anyone to name him.
  8. So what are you after with the questions:
    Who's the Brit with McChrystal?
    Who's that squaddie?

    Or is it just your way of getting people to click onto your blog?
  9. You are being too absolutist.

    1. Of course I want more traffic on the site, as does Olive Net (ARRSE).
    2. The Brits get little enough coverage, I'll do my best to improve that, and I'm fairly sure the subject won't mind.
    3. The reason for the link in this case was to make any mods aware that this is an AP photo, not (for example) someting sent in from a mobile. i.e. it is legit. to publish.

    I'm always happy to discuss what is worthwhile posting on the forums and what is not.

    Clark L Gilbert
  10. That's actually me.
  11. Guess thats the end of that post then!!
  12. I'm Spartacus.
  13. .......and so's my wife.......
  14. Why not? It's not a state secret. :)