Whos the BOSS?


While not wishing to denigrate the acheivements of 6Bn, I can't help thinking that someone should have proof read this article...

As a result of work conducted under Improved Support To A Brigade (ISTAB), the routine tasks of 1st and 2nd line maintenance and repair of vehicles 'in-barracks', has been reorganised to provide dedicated centres of excellence or pulse-lines for each platform, which when serviced will be good for another 1,000kms.
Good for another 1,000km is worrying not inspiring!
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. And so on. Can't wait for the next DEME (A) shindig to be lied to about this pile of **** masquerading as a vibrant new way of keep kit in the hands of the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
These initiatives are little more than the blindingly obvious repackaged as the next cunning plan. Melchett would be proud !
I can't believe the cynicism on this site, 6 Bn are clearly leading the way in Equipment Support and are to be applauded.

Those of us at 1st line could learn a thing or two from them I'm sure.

How have we managed to provide ES since 1942 without this wonderful 'Lean' procedure (and TQ, QAFF, WFM, DES, RECs etc) ?

Oh by the way, all of this is sarcasm :)
Sorry, Cynicism is dues out till Octember 2039. Disgust and annoyance are supplied in lieu.
Hmm, need to get a lean study done on the cynicism supplier then :)

What does the EMS say about replacing it? can we use disgust and annoyance?
Nige, well said mate. All this rubbish becomes too much I'm afraid. Every time a new guy takes over the Ivory Tower, a new buzz word comes along:

ISO 900?, TQ, TQA, QA, QAFF, WFM, DES, REC, REME Rebalancing, DLTP, ISTAB, Further REME rebalancing etc etc - ALL PISH!!!

We as a Corps are now here being used as puppets to preserve Lt Col positions. We are here to support the Army not Lt Col positions.

DEME(A), The Colonel and all you REMF shitbags start listening.
Interesting thread opening up here!! Every new big boss comes to the party with some good ideas, the only problem is that they never seem to be linked up with each other. The other problem is that each new incentive seems to clash with the current incentive that has only recently been implemented to supercede an outdated incentive that was put in place to take over from another incentive that was scrapped due to lack of funding if you follow my drift!
The ideas are basically what we have always done, but packaged up differently and sold in a different way.

Of course, if the guys on the shop floor actually stood up and made there concerns heard when given the chance maybe people might just start to listen to those who have to make these things work. How many TDRs, DEME(A)s Challenges or change proposals have been submitted on the subject?

The real problem lies with the change of personalities every 2 years. We are all guilty of seeing fault in other peoples methods and wanting to make change. Maybe if key posts were left in place for longer periods and the newer systems were given a real chance to be implemented correctly things might be better for the guys at the coal face(the ones who really matter). Some of the ideas coming out of puzzle palace are good, but they are mixed up with the bad ideas.

Its the age old problem. If we keep moving around every 2 years things will never get better. Its all well and good having a bit of a laugh and joke about it here, but if these changes are not gripped soon things might reach the stage where we cant recover and the Corps will end up with a name so bad that all the effort on the part of those poor buggers actually fixing kit for units will have been for nothing. We have always managed to make these crackpot ideas work in the past by doing a bit of BDR and cracking on as best we can, However things could be reaching a peak very soon if we are not careful.

enough from me on this one, time for a brew.

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